Stinky Feet, sledding in shorts and more...

You know with a title like that it  must be Friday. I love Fridays! That's where I can share all the trivial stuff I run into all week as well as my aimless observations. It's also my #1 blog-hopping day! It's so fun!

So why not join us for Virtual Girls Night Out and Friday Fragments.

Here are a few fragments I had lurking around in my brain:

Those evil cats!

I can't help wondering why my cat won't eat if the light isn't on. It doesn't even have to be that dark! There will be food there, but she will meow FOREVER until you turn the light on.

And why do our two cats have to egg the dog on? One of the cats will be sleeping on the back of the couch. Our poor  dog, Rocky,  will innocently walk by. In the blink of an eye the silence is shattered. The cat awakens with a bellowing "rearrrr" and reaches a  paw down and slaps Rocky upside the head. Can you blame him for getting a bit perturbed?

And people wonder why cats drive me crazy!

Talk about dumb!

How about dumber than a 1st grader? We were watching are you dumber than a 5th grader. They asked a 1st grade question and NO ONE HERE knew the answer! There was me (40-something or another), Rons 25 yr old son, my 18 yr old son & my 12 yr old daughter! Uh, duh!

Speaking of dumb, what the heck is a Gerund?

I swear I don't remember learning this stuff in school!

Ok, do you know what a Gerund is? hmmm....

I know now!

Stinky Feet?

I just read this in a book. If you have stinky feet, take a pair of knee high stockings and fill them each with kitty litter. Tie off at the top. At night, put one in each shoe. They will smell fresh in the morning.

I couldn't test this as (believe it or not) no one has stinky feet here! Lucky me!

Speaking of feet...

Did you know that your foot is as long as the distance from your wrist to your elbow?

It's true- try it.

While you're there, spread your arms out and measure the distance between them. That is your approximate height.

...of course, if you want to know your height, why not just measure yourself?

Just a thought!

Why is it that...

If you see someone yawning, you just have to yawn?

Here are a few yawning facts:

1. Babies yawn in the womb

2. Anxious or nervous people yawn more

3. Bored people yawn more.

Um....have you yawned yet?

Bet you did!

Even reading about it makes you yawn!


Why can't winter and snow be warm? I know the theory, snow will melt, yadda-yadda!

But stay with me for a minute here. Imagine if it was warm out and it snowed. The snow is warm as well. There is so much fun stuff you could do:

Build a snowman that never melts

You could still swim- all you need is an ice cutter!

Go sledding in shorts and a t-shirt

Dance barefoot in the snow

You could have snow wrestling competitions.

Doesn't it all sound so warm & fuzzy?

And on that note...

It's time to go Blog-Hopping!

See you all around the blogosphere!


I am Harriet said...

That's why I don't watch that 5th grader s how :)

Happy VGNO to you.

One Cluttered Brain said...

GREAT BLOG! You kept me entertained the WHOLE time! And I didn't yawn once. Well, take that back, I just yawned. I guess your theory is correct.
I think next week we should have a virtual GNO and we should post a vlog on our blog...That'd be fun.

Hmmm. I'm thinking about it. I just can't get MY mr. linky to work.

Kat said...

Love your post. Hope you have a great VGNO!!

Beckie said...

I can't deal with that show, LoL. I feel dumb every time. I do Jeopardy but only when the grade school and high school kids are on, even then I get blown away, LoL. Happy VGNO!!!!!

JulieChats said...

OK, I'm cold just seeing that photo of the girls in their swimsuits...yikes! Happy VGNO! :)

Eve said...

Gerund: a verb ending in 'ing'.

Hmm... I didn't know that about kitty litter in the socks. I think I'll pass this one on to my sister because my niece's feet are very stinky! ;)

Oooh, I like your 'warm snow' idea. It sounds delightful!!

Nancy Campbell said...

Spring skiing in Colorado is the closest I've ever come to warm winter. Skiing in short sleeves, coming in sunburnt and windblown at the same's so much fun.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Now I want to meet a person with stinky feet just to tell them that kitty litter trick! LOL!!

Loved your fragments!

Happy FF! :)

marielle said...

Happy Weekend! Your visit is a blessing! God Bless!

Tania said...

Happy VGNO!
Even though it is saturday AM!

marielle said...

hello there...wondering if you can find time to visit me back...happy weekend.

mub said...

I didn't know babies yawned in the womb. I guess it makes sense but it seems weird to me *L*

Carolee / Home4ever said...

I've heard of babies sucking their thumbs and hiccuping in the womb, too!

jenie said...

yeah, you made me yawn! that's truly contageous!

hoping to see you in my blogs... and REAL SOON =)