Happy 2nd birthday, Little Man!

Little Man turned 2 on Friday, and had a party Saturday. We were "priveleged" enough to  to be invited. If it weren't for the other Grandma, we probably wouldn't be.

As many of you know, Ron's son has pretty much cut himself off from us after we told him to pick up after himself and Little Man. That was it, no other reason. Left and never came back. Didn't talk to us at the party. In fact, he hid in the bedroom the majority of the time.

The other Grandma was telling us she is having some of the same issues as we had and she's about had it. This was Saturday. We found out yesterday that she kicked Rons son out. Can't blame her- he won't work or clean up after himself and he's disrespectful to her and the baby's Momma. He didn't tell us he got kicked out- he told my son.

Anyway, Little Man got a hair cut. You probably remember him like this:

Curls and all!

And now....

No more curls- but still as handsome as ever!

He got some cool toys, but the best was the motorized car. He figured out BY HIMSELF how to sit sideways and stand up driving it! I had a GREAT video of him driving standing up and laughing hysterically, but a little girl kept getting in the pic, and I don't have the parents permission to put her pic on here, so here's the next best!

Well, I thought I would have a video, but can't figure out how to put a video on here- I know I've done it in the past!

I think I'll have to upload it to Photobucket if they have that option. Be Back!

I'm back & it worked. Like I said the other was much funnier, but....

Little Man has become somewhat of a (ummm) brat shall we say in the last month or so. He certainly doesn't believe in sharing- pushed a 4 year old onto his butt for touching his toy!

He needs Grandma Carolee & Grandpa Ron!


Maybe this weekend....



jenie said...

he's truly so cute! honest, cant take off the smile off my face with that cherub new look ;)

visiting from earthy me with a smile; visit back =)

Mrs4444 said...

I agree! Cute, sweet, but needs his gparents. :0)

ellen said...

hello there! happy birthday to a cute lil boy outhere!Have a nice day.

hope to hear from you too!

jenie said...

looks like a nice day to go chillaxin in the spa. click and read more =)