Todays Friday?

Are you kidding me? Today is really Friday? I don't know where in the world Monday through Thursday went.  Besides running ads and calling people back for my business,  I have been pounding away at the keyboard blogging,  revamping my website. and writing for

Speaking of, my post today was all about Friday Fragments and VGNO! Check it out HERE

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It believe it is time to relieve my mind of all the weird thoughts lurking around with some Friday Fragments!

Why don't they put rear view mirrors on those motorized grocery carts? I have personally fallen victim to rude motorized grocery cart drivers. They park in the middle of the aisle, leaving no room for others to get through. Then they back up going 55 MPH WITHOUT looking behind them! I know these things are installed with a back-up beep-beeper, but sometimes you just can't get away!

I swear I was almost run over the other day by a woman that HAD to have eyes in the back of her head! She's buzzing backwards, headed right for me! I move to the left, so does she! I was in fear for my very life!

I'm not picking on all drivers of these mini-death vehicles. I have an uncle who is wheel-chair bound, but he has respect for others and follows proper grocery store aisle etiquette. My daughter also needed to use one of these before her JRA was diagnosed and she started meds. But she knew to stay out of peoples way- and she's only 12!

I know I'm out of practice, but geez.....

I was adding some games to my website for a little fun diversion for my visitors. I decided to try some out. I played Balloon Boy.  I got a score of 9. There is an option for telling your friends about it on Twitter and Facebook. I'm like, sure why not?

About an hour later my daughter plays it and gets like a 65! Was I embarrased....

Conversation between me & Princess Der:

Me: "Let me see my computer...I gotta play Bubble Boy just ONE MORE TIME!"

Princess Der: (screeching) "It's BALLOON BOY!"

Me:  "Balloon Boy, Bubble Boy whatever, give me my computer back....."

My nephew calls..

Nephew: "Whatcha up to?"

Me: "Waiting to get my computer back so I can play Bubble Boy"

Princess Der: (screeching) "It's BALLOON BOY!"

Me : ( as I push her out of the chair and grab nicely grab my computer) "Whatever!"

What about those "you better send this to 10 people now " emails?

I will admit I usually delete jokes, send this to's and every other kind of junk email. If it's not concerning family or business, it's out of here. I just don't have time!

For some reason today, I opened one called "An Irish Wish." Don't know why, but I found myself wishing and forwarding. I was actually counting the people as your wish come true faster if you send it to more people. I ended wasting about 20 minutes on that stuff. I'll let you know if my wish comes true tomorrow. And if you want a little Irish Luck, leave your email. I'll send you some!

Couldn't find my hat the other day...

Downloaded the pictures from my camera and almost screamed when I saw this!

I don't know who took Judge Judy's pic, but it ain't doing her justice ( forgive the pun!)

Anyway, enough said...

It's time for Virtual Girls Night Out.

Ann wants to know : Has anyone ever had a mad crush on you and did crazy things to get your attention?

My answer, too many times to mention :-)

But to protect their identity, I had  better just keep my mouth shut!

If you haven't already done so, hop on over to Ann's Place and add your link.

And have a great weekend!

Later.....WOW! I JUST found out I won an award!

The Heartfelt Blog Award! It was given to me from Jenie at Life 'round me N you! Thanks Jenie! Tomorrow, I'll pass it on  to some other bloggers.


Not The Rockefellers said...

Judge Judy looks like she's being sucked up in Jeannie's bottle!

Happy VGNO

Peace ~ Rene

Tracie said...

Congrats on your award!! I have never tried that Bubble game, but I know how it is to have my 6 year old beat me at some of those games...crazy!

Happy VGNO!

I am Harriet said...

Awe- your hat looks so cute:)

Happy VGNO!

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Happy GNO~ stopping over from Ann's!!

flavoredmom said...

Friday fragments are too funny. Happy VGNO!

Stephanie said...

I'm really scared that if something publicized ever happens to me, like I'm attacked by a serial killer, hit by a meteor, or something equally plausible, my husband will find a picture as horrible as that one of judge Judy and THAT is how people will see me for the rest of time. I don't claim to have rational fears.

Unknown Mami said...

I am so with you on those motorized carts. I almost think people should have to be licensed to drive them. And why do they have to be so fast? They sometimes seem too fast for me to get out of the way.

I'm sorry you stink at Bubble Boy.

mub said...

They put rear view mirrors on those carts here... it doesn't help. They'll still try to run you down. Or they'll go AS SLOW AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE in the bike lane in places that you can't pass.

The Redhead Riter said...

It is too funny that someone took her picture on the TV!!! LOL

I remember being younger and taking a picture of Julie Andrews singing on the hill with the kids in the Sound of Music. I was such a geek! LOL My poor mother! I think geek skips a generation. My mom and daughter are the "life of the party" and I always "held up the wall" Have a great weekend ♥

Smellyann said...

The balloon boy convo was very amusing! Happy weekend! :D

Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

congratulations on the award..

may you get many more

Tiny Treasures said...

hello! i have added you in my links please do add mine. hope to hear from you soon.

Mrs4444 said...

I've fortunately not had a run-in with wheelchair maniacs, but I did read a blog post recently from a woman who had her foot run over by a woman who apologized profusely and handed her $100 "to pay the doctor." So, maybe you shouldn't work so hard to get out of the way, haha.

Poor Judge Judy. Yet another reason to keep my weight on-skinny does not look good as we age :) haha

Thank you again for your sweet post on the!! Sorry it took me so long to get HERE...