Seeking opinions: Babysitting Do's & Don'ts

Little Man helping With The Animals Last Spring

I've been revamping and changing the scope of my website Come On Home. I guess that got my daughter going...

This morning I walk into my office and she's sitting here making a webpage about babysitting! Even though she is only 12, she took the Red Cross Babysitting Certification last summer. And every afternoon, she goes next door and helps out with the 3 kids there, ages about a month, 2 yrs old & 4 yrs. old. She absolutely loves it.

And of course, she's had plenty of experience with Little Man!

One of the pages she was thinking of making was Do's & Don'ts of babysitting. For example: No friends over without the parents permission.I told her I would ask all of my bloggy friends for input.

So, if you all want to leave a comment with a couple of Do's and Don'ts, that would be cool.

Knowing my daughter, she may never finsih it. Or maybe she will...

If So, I'll send you all the link if you want. If you have kids old enough to babysit, it's a great resource!

She is planning on having fun snacks, recipes for playdoh and other cool messy stuff, and ideas for activites. Maybe a page with fingerplays and such. The possibilities are endless!

I told her we could do a link exchange- she can advertise on my sites for free if I can put my link on her site.

See, always thinking!

Anyway, thanks for any input!



Anonymous said...

yep!! i identify with you..

this is truly a predicament..

jenie said...

well said! hoping you can come for an award form the heart i have for you =)

Mrs4444 said...

My ideas:

"What if" questions
How much to charge?
What parents like (you do the dishes, whether you dirtied them or not, after the kids are in bed)