Happiness just ahead

Lola, over at Lola's Diner is wondering what people are doing in the wake of the recession.

One of her questions was: What do you try to do in your every day life to find joy and happiness?

I would say for me my mindset has been my biggest asset. I have always been a happy go lucky sort of person who just naturally believes everything will work out. And it does!

We have had our moments here. Ron is very worried about his job. In fact, if you read a few posts back, he lost his job for the second time in about a year and got it back a day or two later. But we are pretty certain that the doors will be closing for good soon.

Because Ron does not deal with stress as well as me, he's had a (um...) major bad attitude. That puts a strain on everyone in the household. I try to just keep thinking my happy thoughts and carrying on...

Like I said, I believe everything always works out. Ron is very well known around these parts- he is probably the best diesel mechanic in Central New York. When customers call the shop for service, 1/2 the time they ask for Ron directly. They know there will be no BS or stalling around. He is very customer service orientated. And he LOVES roadcalls- that's where he goes out and fixes the truck right where it broke down- the side of the NYS thruway, a parking lot, a loading dock, wherever. I think he could get a job tomorrow if he really wanted. He's just so used to where he's at. He's been there somewhere around 20 years.

As for myself...for many years in my adult life, I was a single mom. I know I can make it in tough times- I have before. I have my home business, and I have a ball playing around making money on the Internet. I can be home with the kids, and there's always opportunities available. It may be slow building up a sizeable income quickly with Internet ventures, but if you have several venues where you earn money, it can really add up. I occasionally teach journal writing classes at a local adult ed center. I have also run a home daycare in the past, so I can always take in babysitting kids if I need a few extra bucks.

Gosh, I feel like a Jack(ie) of all trades!

As far as saving money, we are ordering out a little less and trying to shop and cook more economically. I am constantly following people around shutting off lights.

We used to have 4 (yes, I said 4) vehicles on the road. We took two of them off the road. We sold my old Neon, which was a spare car in case we needed it, to my sons friend. Rons son drove our old van until it died, then that was taken off the road as well . As long as Ron is working at the shop, he has a company vehicle to drive. I have my Saturn and we have an old truck that we use for dump runs and for the boys to use.

I think the hardest thing is that we have adult children, 4 boys to be exact between 19-30. They are all having a tough time finding decent work. All that is available is temporary work. They move in and out so fast sometimes it makes my head spin! I never know how many will be at the supper table!

For anyone having a hard time feeling "happy" in this recession, try reading "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

Since I started reading that, I have an even more positive mindset, and already positive changes are happening in my career and my home life!

I refuse to give in..I am HAPPY! I am HAPPY! I am HAPPY...................


Lola said...

Great post! Thank you for participating.

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Here passing by to let you know that you a friend in here ;)
hope u visit my other blogs too
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