It's official- Ron lost his job!

Well, the waiting is over. Tuesday, Ron was told he no longer works there and that the doors were closing today. The phone was shut off yesterday. His boss has had some personal problems, hasn't been around for a few months. Not really into gossip, so use your imagination on why the boss hasn't been around.

Everyone knew it was coming but didn't know when. So now the waiting is over. Ron has worked there for about 20 years, so he didn't want to leave until he was told it was over. I think he should have been on the lookout, but...

He is one of the most respected diesel mechanics in CNY. He has had countless  people tell him if he ever needs a job, come see them. Of course, when the boss fired him a year or so ago (boss was inebriated!) no one stepped forward.

But for some reason I'm really not that worried. Everything always works out. I've got money every month from AmeriPlan, and I just started writing for Hopefully my journal writing class will run again next month.

Anyway, I've always been a survivor - I did home daycare for about 10 years and supported (single handedly) myself and my 3 kids.

So I'm sure between the two of us, we'll pull through!

And now, must go whip out another article for

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Thanks, and we'll see you all tomorrow for Virtual Girls Night Out!


GRAMEE said...

Sorry about the Job,
I did go to your Examiner articles. You do a great job! I am not a writer or I would apply. I bookmark it I will go back often!

Alicia @ bethsix said...

Sorry about Ron's job! My stepdad's company closed a year or so ago, and he'd been there 35+ years. He found another job, but it sucks to have to basically start over at 60. I'm sure Ron will find something!