Stuffed like a turkey and other senseless dribble...

I don't know about you'all, but I ate like a real hogger yesterday. We had so many goodies, I don't know if I can remember them all:

Deviled eggs, potato chips, pumpkin roll, zucchini bread, cheese, crackers, peopperoni, homemade applesauce, meatballs and sausage, the list goes on and on. And that was before the usual Thanksgiving fare!

Check out Pricess Der and Little Man making Pumpkin Roll:

The Little Guy visited Tuesday and spent the night. He had a ball and so did we . What a personality!

A Few Friday Fragments:

I don't know if anyone else has this problem or not. Despite the fact that the kids are NOT supposed to eat in their rooms, we seem to have quite a shortage of forks right now. We have had this happen in the past with cups, spoons, bowls, whatever. No one ever knows anything of course. One day we can't find enough forks for dinner, the next day we have so many they won't fit in the drawer. What's up with that? I wish the dish thief would stop- my poor kids keep getting wrongfully accused!

We were listening to the weather the other day on the local cable station. As usual, it irked me how many times this guy said for "Your Wednesday" or "Our Wednesday".

"There will be significant rain showers for Your Wednesday afternoon."

I don't know why, but it irks me to death.

What about those studies conducted by a company: They've lost 3 million dollars in the last 2 years- they are conducting a study to find out why they are 3 million in the hole-  the cost of the study- a measly 6 million dollars! Hello.............

When you decide spur of the moment to go visiting , do you call ahead or do the pop-in? I like to call ahead. Ron and his friends often do the pop-in.

For some reason I think it's rude if I don't call first, but I generally don't mind when someone pops-in on us. Weird, huh?

If you haven't done so already, hop on over to Come On Home and cast your vote for Santa Claus- should he get the H1N1 Flu shot or not?

And last, but not least....

Ta-Da! Don't forget Friday Fragments and Virtual Girls Night Out.



April said...

One day soon, we'll read about a study that studied all the money spent on studies. And they'll totally miss the irony when they report it on "your" Monday news!
Happy FF

Mrs4444 said...

I wonder what it is that makes little things like that drive us crazy. For me, it's mispronounced vowels in commercials. For example, hearing, "Ulection" instead of "Election," or "Woman's" instead of "Women's." Drives me up a TREE.

We forgot it was thanksgiving yesterday and so ate frozen pizza and potpies. Just kidding.

Mr.4444 accuses me of stealing all of the silverware and taking it to work. Sometimes, I do find an errant spoon or knife in my desk, but I swear I only have one set!

JulieChats said...

Hi Carolee! I did notice that Ann seems to be missing! I usually sign on to VGNO before noon here, maybe she's still asleep from all the turkey! I ate quite a bit myself and we didn't have all the awesome snacks you did! mmmm...deviled eggs!

Hope we hear from Ann soon! Have a great weekend!

Stopping by to say hi from VGNO minus Ann! :)

Kori said...

I don't EVER pop in. EVER. Because I totally hate it when people do that to me. To the point of wanting to scream out loud or hide so they don't know I am home.

Martha in PA said...

Stopping by from VGNO! Great fragments. I think Santa should get the H1N1 shot.

I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

We used to have missing flatware, etc when we lived in FL. I never knew where it would be, but I limit eating in other rooms in our new home, so it's not so bad now!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Missing silverware is usually brought on by both hubby and Princess Nagger. They tend to set things down in odd places and forget about them... :)

Love the pictures of Princess Der and Little Man making pumpkin rolls! I bet they turned out wonderful! :)

I always call ahead if I'm going to 'pop in' on someone, because I prefer them to do the same - with the Princess Nagger being her very own tornado, I appreciate the warning. ;)

Happy FF a day late - glad you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

ellen said...

Happy sunday! Godbless!

marielle said...

love to hear from you!

Nancy Campbell said...

What is it with those forks? We are ALWAYS buying new sets...and only half the family regularily uses untensils.

jenie said...

wish i was there too...yuuummmm haha

BTW, i was scrolling down your blog roll and i was wondering...can i be amongst them? i'd really appreciate it ;)

life round me N you
earthy me

let me know what you think! ;) thanks! see yah around.