2 for Tuesday

I just had to write a quick post. Many of you that follow me or participate in VGNO & Friday Fragments know about my missing silverware problem.

Yesterday, Princess Der and Ron's oldest son, James were rinsing off dishes and putting them in the silverware. They made a startling discovery.....

........Our dishes are starting to multiply!

As far as I know, we only had ONE of these!

Just thought you might like to know!

Have a nice night!



Alicia @ bethsix said...

Aww, they're a pair. Pretty soon you'll have tiny little ones.

Nancy Campbell said...

Spooky. What exactly is going on in that dishwasher of yours?

marielle said...

Hello there! Enjoy the week. God Bless!

marielle said...

Happy Friday! Following you in google friend connect. Hope you can do the same thing. God Bless!

jenie said...

haha...maybe it's a sign that you really like them enough to have bought 2 on different occasions, you just kindda had an amnesia for a while ;)

just visiting you again dear. and, well, now im wondering what to do to be included in your "friends list"...can you tell me? all 4 of my blogs to which you are linked?
earthy me
life round me N you

Green Lifestyle Consulting said...

That's hilarious! We really don't need that happening in our house! Checking out your site from momspark.net.

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