Country Roads are meant for driving down the middle!

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It's Friday, which means Friday Fragments and Virtual Girls Night Out!

A Few Fragments:

Living in the country, you get a bit accustomed to driving down the middle of the road. A least in this town we do. The roads tend to be a bit narrow and curvy. Driving down the middle can be safer than hitting the shoulder and landing in the ditch! EXCEPT when coming around a curve!

I HATE when I come around a curve and nearly have a head on collision. I mean, whats wrong with these people. Haven't they EVER heard of common sense?

And what about those people that don't put their grocery cart back in a grocery corral when they are done with it? Those young kids and old men they hire as cart boys are dashing all around the parking lot, saving stray carts. Then they push 199 of them at once back to the store. I always return my cart, and usually an extra I see on the way. I have heard the argument that these cart boys/gals get paid to do that- yeah, minimum wage. Lets see YOU push a line of carts across a slushy and snowy parking lot in sub-zero temperatures! WOW! I've never been a cart boy/girl but geez....

And then there's the parents who let their kids take a bunch of books off the shelf in the library, then not put them back. OR WORSE, put them back wherever.............Puhleeeezeeee...people! I used to work at the library and it would to "P" me off to no end!

And finally, what about the people that won't hold a door for others? I mean, I hold the door for everyone- young, old, male, female. My kids are the same way- it's only polite! I've had MEN walk ahead of me and not hold the door when I've had a ton of stuff in my arms. What ever happened to kindness to others?

BTW Ladies- Guys seem to get a thrill when a woman holds the door for them.....

Those are just a few of the things festering my brain this week.

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We dragged out all the Christmas stuff the other day. The tree is almost finished and most of my snowmen are set up. Started shopping Sunday and went out on Wednesday for a while. I'm getting there.

Of course, we haven't even started our Christmas baking.

Maybe next week.....



Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

You'd think people would exercise common sense when driving around a curve...

I agree with the whole cart thing, too - it boggles the mind how some people just leave them willy nilly.

And the holding the door open thing? I do the same as you - hold it open for anyone and everyone, and people look surprised by it. For that matter, on the rare occasion that someone holds a door open for me and I say "Thank You!!" they look surprised by the thank you...

Happy FF and VGNO! :)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I think it would be cool to live in the country. But didn't even think about the narrow roads and people driving crazy.

Happy Friday, hope you have a great weekend!

blueviolet said...

I've noticed the roads out near the farms here are curved too. I don't worry in the summer but in the winter I worry a lot!

Happy VGNO!

Kirby3131 said...

Keep right over hills and around corners - It's the rules of the road :) I also hold doors and I am always surprised when boys don't hold the door - I mean I do it, shouldn't everyone?

Nancy Campbell said...

My four year old knows how to hold a door open. You're right, it's not that hard.

I used to be a cart-pusher-inner (they called me a "courtesy clerk") and I would push those suckers in in the middle of the AZ summer, with temps averaging 110 degrees.

You better believe I push my carts in now.

jenie said...

we have a lot of those zigzagging roads here as well...

anyways, im back to let you know that i have an award for you...and that i hope you would come and see it. and grab it if you may ;)

have a nice day!

Mrs4444 said...

Finished the tree today after having it up with only lights for ten days. We had a Snow Day! It's going to be slippery going tomorrow! We have to take country roads; needless to say, it will be slow going.

Ditto on the doors.

Have a safe rest-of-your week :)

JulieChats said...

I hope you got your decorations up! It took us 3 days to decorate the tree.

Merry Christmas!

I'm stopping by today from VGNO, so late that I'm almost embarrassed to admit it! But things have been pretty crazy around here in the last week with all the holiday prep, school party stuff and of course my DUCKS winning last week! ROSE BOWL! I think I'm recovered & back to normal! Have a great weekend! I'll probably be back around soon for tonight's VGNO!