Little Man is back in the house!

Wow, it's been a whole week since I blogged. Don't worry, I got a couple more of my writing pieces on my new blog. Check them out! I just posted "Christmas Chaos" the other day. Check it out.

It's been a cold, blustery and busy week. Between the Internet being down (maybe the weather?) I've been trying to post articles to my column at the Examiner.

Half-Past Kissin' Time Photobucket

Boy am I ready for Friday! That's because that means it's time for Friday Fragments and Virtual Girls Night Out.

We are still decorating for Christmas. Today we decided to switch the tree and the TV around. It was a real stretch to plug the Christmas Tree lights in. Now it reaches fine.

I have been so busy with my Internet and decorating, it was hard to remember to write down my fragments. And you know if you don't write them down, they are gone.

As if that weren't enough distraction, but Little Man decided to come for a couple of days. Now how is grandma supposed to work with such a cutie around?

He helped us clean the house. Unfortunately, he wasn't paying attention all those times that we told his father you CANNOT vacuum laying down!

If the fact that the grandkid was working was shocking, check out Princess Der in action:

Grandpa acquired an old sled and thought a "lucky someone" would like it. The adults in our family do a "Secret Santa." No one in our family would be offended by a second hand gift if it's an antique. The person I have to buy a gift for would probably love it, but it's quite rusted. i'm not sure if I should paint a cute scenery on it, or leave it. In the meantime, I thought Little Man would have fun with it. He did!

Grandma won the race!

Ron's birthday is Sunday. I got him 2 tickets to Midget Wrestling that was going on last night. I told him he could invite a friend or bring me. I told him I WOULD NOT be offended if he brought a friend. So, he brought his friend "Rollback" as we call him.

Rollback's girlfriend came over and made cookies with Princess Der and I. She pretty much likes to clean more than bake, so she followed us around and cleaned up after us. We did make her stir the chocolate chip cookie dough, though.

Little Man went home yesterday afternoon, and I'm still finding his cars around the house.

When I went to put them in the toy closet, I saw this:

I can't imagine what Little Man thought when he saw Princess Der's 1/2 man in there!

He's probably afraid to come back to Grandma and Grandpa's!

Anyhoo, must go get something going for supper. I just got the Internet back on a short while ago, so I'm behind schedule.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


Not The Rockefellers said...

Pretty smart Little Man using the sled that way! Adorable..

Happy VGNO
Freezing here in NH

Peace ~ Rene

rinzonelle said...

Have a nice weekend! God Bless!

Martha in PA said...

Stopping in from FF & VGNO! Have a great weekend! I wish my daughter would do the dishes!!


Respectfully Yours said...

Nice to meet you, just stopping by for a VGNO meeting. Freezing my ass off in Canada too.

Pop by and pay me a visit sometime.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Midget wrestling? Never heard of it, but I'm getting the giggles with the images going through my head...

Happy VGNO!

Tania said...

Happy VGNO hope the cookies were good! Nice not to have to clean up.

jenie said...

what a cute li'l man ;)

i've something to make you smile carolee as your blog does to me, grab it real soon =)

Jessica said...

Someday we should start a meme where everyone has to post a picture they have stuck in a closet ...

Happy VGNO! Keep Warm!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

I'm the smart one that used the sled that way :-)

Yes, we had fun making the cookies and they were YUMMY!

Mrs4444 said...

Way to think outside the box with that sled :)

It's 4 degrees here right now.

Christmas decorating takes a number of days for me; I do it for everyone else but could be just as happy with only the tree.

Glad you had fun with the littel ones :)

JulieChats said...

My little guy loves to vacuum too! He pushes my swiffer sweeper around constantly.

Just stopping by to say Happy VGNO for last week's VGNO....too many things going on this time of year. Holiday preparations, work, school party...yada, yada, yada! Hope you're enjoying the holidays!