Freezing my "A Double scribble" off and other stuff

Old Man Winter has decided to make an unexpected appearance in the northeast this week.

Ok, maybe not so unexpected (in fact late), but still we weren't prepared. I never got the plastic up  on the windows, so guess what I'll be doing later this afternoon.....It was 3 degrees this a.m.! Brrrrrr..........

I have been soooo distracted this week. It's been hard to get down to business.

Between Christmas stuff and Little Man being in the house (and now back out- story later...) well, it boggles the mind.

Ok, I must confess........there's more taking up my time these days....

Read all about it here!

It's Friday, a time to air all my useless thoughts and random gossip. In blogging terms, Friday Fragments.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

If you haven't tried Friday Fragments, head on over to Mrs. 444's place & check it out! What a way to get a load off!

I share all the dirt with my blogging friends during Virtual Girls Night Out.


So here we go:

What "itis" ails you?

Ron and I were watching something on TV. I didn't think he was paying attention, as he had just walked into the room.

I said, "The poor guy has hepititis on top of everything else."

Ron said, "I thought they said Menangitis."

Yikes! Hepititis,Menangitis, Bursitis...........

I just wondered, what "itis" ails you?

Here are a few I made up:

"A$$"-itis:Those who are incapable of getting off their a$$ and getting a life.

"best"-itis: Those who are afflicted with the annoying habit of thinking they are the bestest of the best.

"dork"-itis:Those dorks who don't even know it!

"ignorant"-itis: Those who are ignorant as to how their crazy, rude and distruptive behavior affects others- Now & Forever.

If you feel offended by any of these, you may have an "itis"

Get a life.

New use for an out of season item?

When the weather person starts predicting storms here, we stock up on essentials! I found a new temporary fridge for any overflow.

I use my outdoor grill! Works great for bread and stuff that you don't mind freezing.

I don't know about you suburbia folk, but us country folk don't store our grill away for the winter. Ya never know when Billy Bob is going to shoot a huge buck out the bathroom window while taking care of business.

"Yum, yum, venison steaks for dinner."

Ok, don't you city folk go crying about poor Bambi. I really don't like venison all that much.

But I do love a good hunk of bar-b-qued beef in the middle of winter.

Time waster or brain builder?

I have a new addiction, which is stealing every available moment of my time. I got an updated Blackberry and with it, the game Word Mole. I can't stop playing, and my daughter and son are fighting me for the phone to play it as well! Talk about expanding the vocabulary!

I am not a big fan of games, really. But, the gaming bug bit! I've always been a sucker for word searches and other word puzzles.

And, as I mentioned, Little Man is out again.....

Baby's daddy and momma are not getting along (surprise), and Daddy has a few "itis" related issues going on. Grandma and Grandpa will probably get him Sunday for my nephews birthday.

Check out this pic!

It's a bit fuzzy as it's a pic of a pic...but this was our back yard when we moved in- 10 years ago this past April. We had the land cleared for the house. It was previously woods. If you look to the right, you will see a pile of branches and sticks. We had piles on both sides of the yard that were so high, we couldn't see above them.

We spent that whole summer burning branches.

And finally...Christmas is in the air!

A pic of my wall above the coal stove:

Everyone have a Happy Holiday!

We'll see who makes it next Friday!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

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Mrs Cooper said...

OMG you have a cole stove. I grew up in my Great Grandmother's House with the cole stove. We use to put potatoes and bake them in there and Apples with cinnamon. OMG the memories.

I enjoyed reading your post. Have a Merry Christmas and look forward to getting to know you through the New Year.

Respectfully Yours said...

Love your blog, very nice. Just popped by Happy VGNO - pop by for a visit sometime.

Carolee / Home4ever said...

We use rice coal- a lot easier and cleaner. Comes in a bag- no shoveling coal here!

And what we spend a year is about what we'd spend in 2 months with propane, and it's a constant heat- love it!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

3 degrees? It gets in the 50's around here and I start freaking out! Try and stay warm this weekend and enjoy yourself!

Happy ATWT!

JulieChats said...

Oh my you're busy and I have to comment on the coal stove too. I didn't realize people had those to heat their homes. And no, I'm not from the city, just Oregon, where we used to head up & cut up the trees Weyerhauser had left on the ground after the logging was done as our firewood. And since I was from the Oregon Coast, deer & elk hunting were big, I can definitely say if I never taste venison again that will be fine with me! But I had to laugh at the thought of your husband shooting one out the bathroom window! Hope you stay warm!(or get warm soon!) It was 12 here in the mornings last week and now in the 50's (in Portland area). Happy VGNO! & Merry Christmas!

Martha in PA said...

Stay warm... we are waiting for the snow her in PA!
Stopping by from VGNO!


Tania said...

Happy VGNO! I hope you warm up soon!

♥Georgie♥ said...

LOVE your wall above the stove so pretty and festive!

oh and I must confess i have a couple of the 'itis' that you listed lol

enjoyed your FF

jenie said...

3 degrees???!!! whoa!

everyone's seems caught up in the whirwind of activities, and it's understandable ;)

..but I am here dear to actually invite you to see me tag you on my signing off. hope to see you there...kindda missing your visits now ;)

jenie said...

Hi...sorry i wasn't very clear there huh? I added some word in my post...

"A great idea of a post, and so tagging you of your 2009 to 2010 crossing (write your own and tag anyone you like dearies...if not so much to ask, link me as I did Ness. thanks.)"

hope you can grab it ;) have fun writing.

wuz browsing through your blog roll carolee...what do i do to be linked back there? you're linked in all 4 of my blogs dear ;)

Mrs4444 said...

Sorry the Little Man's life isn't harmonious of late. I hope it's better now...

I'm in need of a new phone (well, I'm due for an upgrade, anyway), but I'm going to avoid the Blackberry-type phones, as I fear addiction! Good luck with that :)

I hope you're staying warm...

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Hey Jenie-

You're added now- for the third time!

I'm sure I added you b-4. I added you again a few minutes ago and when I checked, you weren't on the blogroll. Did it again,it worked.

I think I didn't save it b-4. You have to add it THEN save it. Bear with me- life's been hectic :-)

ellen said...

Happy New Year!