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I started a new blog about our journey looking for an RV or trailer and our adventures traveling. This blog will be updated as we search, and once we've decided on a trailer, I will blog about our adventures. The link is:

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Little Man is here for his visit. He is such a goof-ball! Right now he is running around like he's a crazy man and then suddenly he falls and rolls around.

Can't wait to take him camping- he loves the outdoors, and last year he loved to swim as well.

Ron may have a new job- the guy is on vacation but is calling Ron on the 22nd to set up a meeting.

What happened is a break down service for tractor trailers called Ron to fix a rig. Ron told them sorry, that the place he had worked for had shut the doors.

A few minutes later, the break down service called Ron again- they had refered him to a fellow in Rochester, NY (about 2 hrs away) who is looking to expand his truck repair to Syracuse. As Ron was talking to them, the guy from Rochester was beeping in on the other line.

Ron called him back and they chatted a little. The guy was thrilled that Ron has an air compressor and welder, amongst his thousands of other tools. The guy has a service vehicle for Ron to fill, and Ron has the stuff to fill it.

Wish us luck!

Now for some fun:

Friday Fragments!

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Friday Fragments are a time when you can get those little thoughts out- you know....

...the ones that aren't quite a blog post, but they are aching to get out............

So, here goes.............

The other night as we were snacking in bed, in front of the TV (don't tell the kids!) Ron and I got to wondering ...............if package sizes are getting smaller, why are Americans getting bigger?

Just wondering.....

Did you ever notice there are some words you love to say? The other day I said the word "sufficient" and thought "I like the sound of that word...."

How about those words you write and for some reason they don't look right- you wonder if you spelled it right...

Like the word. "has" or "the" - I mean did you ever look at a small word and something doesn't look right about it?

I know, I need to get a life....

Strange...but true!

This is one of my favorite stories about one of my ancestors. My mothers great-uncle was a school bus driver. Above the windshield of the bus he had his rifle mounted.

One afternoon, while bringing the kids home, he spotted a large buck with a perfect rack.

Stopping the bus, he quickly grabbed his rifle. He proceeded to open the bus door and aiming carefully, shot the buck in it's tracks.

He brought the rest of the children home, then returned for his prize.

Could you imagine a bus driver having a gun these days? Bet his students behaved pretty well!

Don't forget VGNO


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Beth said...

Oh My! That gun on the bus thing would definitely not fly today! Too bad! It might engender some respect from the minions! :)

Carolee / Home4ever said...

I know, really!

Mrs4444 said...

I'm so glad you linked to this-I missed it! (sorry)

Love the bus driver story!

I can totally relate to coming across a word that suddenly looks strangely unfamiliar :)