A day late, but worth the wait...

Ok, I'm a little late for Virtual Girls Night Out and Friday Fragments. But I hope you'all feel it was worth the wait! Hey, I rhyme! Get it? A day late- worth the wait?

Anyhoo............continuing on...

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Last weekend, I made Chili. Adding the ingredients, I got to wondering why it's called Chili when it's hot. I mean I know it's because of the Chili pepper, but why call a hot pepper chili?

Inquiring minds want to know...

I was taking the puppy outside freezing my butt off in the 40 degree SUPER- windy weather. I was observing a tree with a squirrels nest. As it swayed to and fro, I got to wondering if squirrels ever get dizzy. Are they like drunken sailors, stumbling around in a stuper, possibly even falling out of the nest?

Never saw a dead squirrel in my woods, but hey ya never know!

Anyone out there ever studied the effects of swaying trees on the neurolgical system in squirrels?

Just wondered....

Water-logged eggs a la mode, anyone?

So we have like a dozen chickens. Every now and then they bless us with eggs. We got 3 yesterday, but they were d-i-r-t-y! While I was making supper, I put the eggs in  a bowl of water to loosen the "yuk" on them.

I proceeded to forget about them until Ron's son went to do the dishes this morning. One of them had apparently cracked when I put it in the water. The above pic shows what happens. It looks super funky in real-life.

Onto other things........

We are keeping ourselves busy with our homeschool & HS co-op, Girl Scouts, animals, my business, and our quest for a home-away-from home on wheels.

I am thinking that since I would (of course) blog about our travels, why not try to get corporate sponsorship for my blog.........that could help fund the cost of the trailer as well as expenses.

I have already thought of maybe writing a book about my quest for FREEDOM- my business, homeschool and travel journeys- all one step closer to the American Dream...........

For those that dare......

I just happened to run into the book The 4- Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris the other day while at the library. I had seen it before-I mean, I used to work at that library- but never read it.

I happened to see an article online THAT morning about that book! I check it out of the library and started reading as soon as I got home out. It talks about exactly what I would like to achieve- ya know, the Freedom thing.

More news....

I am preparing to offer Jounal Writing and Beginner blogging classes via Internet +/or teleconference.

There will be a fee associated with it- just getting it all together. If interested, email me at home4ever@hotmail.com
Subject: Your online classes

Ok, now I must get over to Ann's and enter my link (late) for VGNO.



Ann said...

Never a dull moment with you! Busy, busy, busy.

You are so inspiring!

Happy VGNO! --- All weekend long

Mandala Michelle said...

How about 2-days late! Somehow I keep missing Friday, it's like my weeks no longer have a Friday in it at all! Anyway, have fun with the journal/blogging class. I love online classes.

JulieChats said...

Hey, being late is no big deal...after all I'm just now stopping by! :)

Stopping by very late from VGNO!

Come by for a visit when you get a chance! http://juliechats.blogspot.com I'm looking for a few more followers! :) THANKS in advance!