What happened to Sunday?

Sometimes I get so busy with my home business, home schooling and animals (4- legged and human!) that time flies right by and I didn't even realize it!

Yesterday, Princess Der and I were trying to remember what we did Sunday. We could not for the life of us remember.

Have you ever had a day like that?

It's crazy, and what's even crazier is that as I wrote this, I remember some of what we did!

The power of writing!

So what did we do?

Right now I remember 2 things. Princess Der and I went grocery shopping. BUT, before we went to the grocery store, we stopped by another trailer dealer. I saw a brand new light weight model that our truck could pull (or our new/old van).

I was looking for a cheap used trailer, but most in my opinion are overpriced and have no guarantee. Or are real dumps. I can get a brand new one with less than $2,000 down and about $150- $250/mo.

I may do it, I may not. Have a few things to get paid off first. If I got rid of my car payment, that would free up money for a trailer w/o more debt. I am also getting rid of my goats this spring. I really want to travel. It is also getting to be a pain feeding EVERY morning and EVERY night now matter WHAT the weather. And if you can't be home, you need to hire someone....

...and their feed and hay keeps going up, up, up in cost. Freeing up that money alone would be a trailer payment!

Ok, I mentioned a new/old van. As some of you know, Ron's boss owes him quite a bit of money. The place closed down. Well, the other day the boss called. Supposedly he's going to give Ron one of the vans and something ( a welder???) for partial payment. I hope it's one of the decent vans. Ron said it could haul a trailer.

We are into our second week of classes at our homeschool co-op. Read about that and our other homeschooling adventures HERE.

iPod the puppy is doing great! I forgot the camera to take pics at puppy class (again!)

Water Update:

We ended up needing a new pump- around $300.00! Can we say "Ouch" ? Ron fixed it himself, then gave us a lesson on how a water pump works. Check it out on the homeschooling page HERE.

As far as the biz, I've been concentrating on my new marketing program. I made some new contacts at the homeschooling co-op. May have some new customers there.

I am also putting together some classes- they will probably be by teleconference.

One is Journal Writing - this is not just writing in a diary. There are actual exercises one can do to solve problems, build confidence and possibly discover the writer within. Because journal writing provides both emotional and mental clarity, it can reduce stress and lead to better physical and mental health.

I have taught this class several times at our local library and at BOCES.

The other is Blogging for Beginners- This is for BEGINNING bloggers - those who have never had a blog and need help, or who have started a blog, but never done anything with it.........

If you would possibly be interested in either one, let me know. There will be a cost associated with it, the amount depends on the length of the course. I can let you know details when you inquire.


Mayra, mommy to Pooh Bear said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your words. I am sorry about your father's passing.
I am glad you have found someone, from what I read in your about me section. =D

You are such an interesting person, I bet I can learn a lot form you so now I'm following your great blog. =)

Mayra, mommy to Pooh Bear said...

I love the idea of teleconference classes!!! =D