Cooking snow- the white kind!

Yesterday, the Princess and I went on a Field Trip. We returned home to discover that we had no water!

Not exactly unusual here- we have issues occasionally. We have a doo-hickey under the house that you can use to reset the water if necessary. It has always restarted eventually, usually with one hit of the reset switch, sometimes a couple. Last night, it would not reset.

Ron tested the reset box and it has power going to it. Apparently so does the pump. Poor Golden Child had to dig through all the snow to find the pump this morning. Ron thinks the pump is going- it did kick on today, and we got full water. But that was it.

Ron needed some kind of pipe to pull the pump up and check it out- and see if there is even water in the well. Golden Child called his buddy's dad and got one. It was too small. So Ron is at Home Depot right now getting on, or the stuff to make one. We priced pumps, and it looks to be about $240.00. Cheaper than I thought, but sucks with Ron not working right now.

When I took Golden Child to school this morning, I went to the convenience store next door and got a cup of coffee, 2 gallons of water and 6 stale donuts. Yum-yum....stale donuts and over-heated coffee. Came home, made some coffee and got to work.

The Princess and I started putting clean snow in buckets and putting it in front of the coal stove.

I started "cooking" some on the stove, and soon had enough to flush the 2 toilets.

There are dishes everywhere, the kitchen floor is filthy from the dogs running through after being outside and us walking in with boots on hauling snow and water.

The Princess and I decided to also make a solar oven, something we've been talking about. I know, do a project when you have a minor "crisis" going on....Check it out on our homeschooling page on this blog.

Anyhooooooo.......................I'm ready to party. It may only be 3:30 p.m., but I am soooo ready!

So why not join me, Ann and all the other ladies for a Virtual Girls Night Out?


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The Working Mama said...

Makes me want to build a solar oven. Happy VGNO! :-)

Upstatemomof3 said...

How cool is that!! Well not the messy house part but hey, I'm not judging I am relieved it is virtual girls night out (and really it was yesterday but hey I'm just being fashionably late) because you cannot see my house right now. :)

Joanna said...

Following you back thank you!

Joanna said...

Oh my! I hope your able to get your water back soon. We too have a well and have lost water due to power outages a few times.. no fun, especially when your not ready. Why oh why does the water stop on the day you saved the dishes for later?? Best of luck!!