Why I love working at home !

I just love that I am able to be here when Little Man is here! Now that Mom & Dad have finally negotiated a schedule, the cutie is here quite a bit. I still haven't figured out the schedule, but he left here yesterday after being here most of last week.

He LOVES looking at books and he is starting to get into games. We have shelves in the utility room loaded with games, puzzles, and toys (from my Discovery Toy days) and such. I love when little kids come over and they drag an adult over to get something out for them.

Little Man is a BIT aggressive on the poor ice cubes here- he really like's banging.

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Bethsix said...

LM is so cute. And I love love love Discovery Toys!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

I love Discovery Toys, too!

I used to sell them. I just got sick of everyone wanting toys, then not having $$$ when the time camee to pay...