You might be blog crazy....

Ok, so right now it's 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night and I'm hiding in the master bath dying my hair guessed it- blogging! I have been sooooo getting into the Ultimate Blog party. I can't stop!

I am a writer by nature. Crazy thoughts invade my mind at odd times. And of course, I have a blog for my writings- go check it out- There are a couple of my published pieces and a few others. Someday I'll get more of my stuff there. Right now, I'm just too darned busy blogging about everything else.

As you can see, I compiled a couple of blogs into one by adding pages to this one. Then there is my blog, Advice For Work At Home. THEN, I discovered I could get paid to have a blog and advertise my business at the same time, so I started a new one At Home On Wheels

So tonight I get to thinking about how to identify if you are spinning off of Jeff Foxworthy's "you might be a redneck" are some...

* If your friends and family think you are crazy because you jump and yell, "I gotta get a picture of this for my blog", you might be Blog-Crazy!

* If you are constantly saying, "now that would be a good one for my blog", you might be Blog-Crazy!

* If you write Friday Fragments while driving down the might be Blog-Crazy!

* If you'd rather stay home and read blogs than go might be Blog-Crazy!

*If you hop out of bed at 6 a.m. just to read might be Blog-Crazy!

* If you speak Blogese more than your native might be Blog-Crazy!

* If you have 3 or more might be Blog-Crazy!

* If you are sitting on your bathroom floor writing a blogpost while dying your might be Blog-Crazy!

....or just plain crazy!

Gotta go wash the dye right outta my hair (remember the song "gotta wash that man right outta my hair"?) must go.

Please leave me a comment, as those who know me realize by now...I LUV comments!

You'all come back soon and maybe I'll tell you why I'm dying my hair at 10:30 p.m. on a Wednesday night while the bathroom!


Everyday Kathy said...

Yep I should be sleeping but here I am... Blog Crazy!

LOL loved the post!
Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

cocoamommy said...

I can so relate, it is so bad that my 3yo wants in on the fun. Thx for visiting and following...

Sharon said...

Aloha! Thanks for stopping by! That was me yesterday - dye in my hair and blog hopping! lol According to your "I might be blog crazy if.." criteria....guess I am !

Mrs4444 said...

Well, it's official then; I'm certifiable. hahaha

Safe Home Happy Mom said...

I found you on UBP!!! Need to get around this party before its over. I am now following you via Google Connect, come on over and follow me as well.

We blog about safe living medium for you and your family/home, you will love it.

Love, love your blog. Have a great day!

Traci said...

Well, it is official -- I am Blog-Crazy!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy UBP!

The Local Cook said...

Hmmm, I think I AM blog crazy! Hope you're enjoying the party.

Loren said...

Oh this is sooo good! I can relate to quite a few of these :)

I just joined the party and am so happy to meet you!
Have a blessed weekend!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

So many blog- carzy buds!

I love it!

~Ren~ said...

I am sooo 1 & 2!!

My Buzz on Vibes said...

This is great! Yep, I just might be blog crazy. ;)