Yesterday our area of New York felt the effects of the Earthquake that hit north of Ottawa.

My son & I both felt it, although we were in different rooms at the time. I thought he wasn't here, or I would have said something to him right after....

At first I thought the washer was off balance or something, although it didn't "feel" like that.

My daughters friend was standing in the kitchen and I told her I thought we just had a mild earthquake and she looked at me like I was nuts!

I turned the news on and didn't hear about an earthquake, so walked away...(duh- give them time to turn on the camera's!)

About an hour later I mentioned something about it to my son. He said he had felt it too, but thought he was imagining things.

Now I knew I wasn't nuts. We turned on the news, and there it was!

This is the third, maybe fourth earthquake I've felt, although they have all been mild.

Once was in the early 90's when I lived in Oregon. The other times were here in NY - I know where I was each time, but not the exact years...

The one time was sort of like this time...

I had spent the night at my parents house. I was standing in front of some shelves in my mom's living room. All of a sudden, all of her nick-nacks (sp?) started shaking. Because the bathroom is on the other side of the wall and the washer is against that wall, I assumed it was the washer going out of whack. Then I realized the washer wasn't on.

A few minutes later, my mom came out of her room and said we just had a mild earthquake.

Ok, that's 3 earthquakes. Why do I say MAYBE four?

One time a l-o-o-o-o-ng time ago, I was lying on my bed taking of an afternoon snooze. I was young, at home in my apartment. I woke up to the bed shaking. I was alone at the time, and no one later mentioned an earthquake. I didn't think about checking the news.

All I know is.................
Scary stuff! I'm glad it was only trmors!

Crazy things going on in the world!


Anonymous said...

I'm in Western Mass and it was felt here. Hubby felt it but I didn't feel a darn thing. Then it was announced on the news. Who knew??????

kyooty said...

I heard all about it on FB! I think people in Ottawa, Oshwa and Toronto were sending out Statuses faster then the news crews could get that it was happening. :) FB can be useful.

MommyMcCall said...

Loving your site! I'm following you from TwitterMom's. Please feel free to check mine out as well.