I survived it!

Girl Scout camp, that is.

Friday night we went camping with several other troops from our area.

I only had 3 out of the 4 girls from my troop go, but it was fun.

Friday night we made a real camp dinner. We made hamburgers and put them along with potato slices , carrots and onions (for those who wanted them) and wrapped them in aluminum foil. These "packages" were placed on top of coals and left to cook for maybe 20 minutes- 1/2 hr.


Later, there was a bon fire. My girls helped one of the leaders do a little bridging ceremony for a girl moving up to Juniors. My troop was also supposed to lead the group in campfire songs.

We have been trying to practice a few songs for weeks! Two of the girls are new scouts and really needed some practice.

Figures there were several weeks when we would only have 2 girls at our Girl Scout meetings.

Figures also that after the little bridging ceremony, the woman in charge told the troops they were invited to stay at the fire and make smores or whatever, leave if they want, or whatever.

So my daughter asked her if they were still supposed to do the campfire songs. She said, "You can start singing if you want and see if anyone joins in..."

My girls decided they did not want....they wanted to go to bed!

Cool with me!

Yesterday, one of the girls cooked sausage and French toast for us while the other two did the preparation, cleaning up and such.

Then they decorated bandanas with Shapies and alcohol. See directions below.

Then we went to the beach for about an hour and collected pretty stones to make a Plaster of Paris coaster. We were going to make stepping stones, but my daughter and I saw the coaster molds and they were quite a bit cheaper. Always gotta watch that budget!

Here's a few pics:

Princess Der's coaster's

My coaster (I'm using it right now :-)

One girl had to leave after that. The other two had hot dogs from the grill for lunch, then we filled up water balloons and they had fun throwing them around.

Of course they had to pick up all of those balloon pieces!

Before we left, we had to sweep the cabin, clean the bathroom and make sure all windows were locked.

Like good Girl Scouts, we left the place cleaner than we found it.

Cool tie-dye

Something to tie-dye such as a T-shirt
plastic cups
Sharpie (permanent)  markers
rubber alcohol

Take a plastic cup and with the top side up, place it under your cloth to be designed. Put a rubber band around the top of the cup the material.

In the area created by the top of the cup, draw a picture, write something, whatever with sharpie marker.

Taking the dropper, drip alcohol on the design and watch the colors spread throughout the fibers of the cloth, creating a "fuzzy" look.

Make as many of these designs as desired.

Let dry, then put in dryer for a few minutes or iron to set the color.

CAUTION: Be sure to do this outside and let material dry well...alcohol can be a breathing irritant.


kyooty said...

Sounds like a good night for your girls. I'm sorry the other leader was a bit "off"ish.

Carolee Sperry said...

We did have fun.

I always dread going to these things and then it always turns out fine...