A whole lotta eating post!

It's Friday! And for once, I think we MAY NOT have rain!

That's a great reason to celebrate with all of my bloggy friends!

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Friday Fragments

Rain, Rain go away!

It seems as if all we've had was rain, rain, rain. Not necessarily ALL day everyday, but enough so the ground is soaked so you really can't get much done.

But the rain has left behind some amazing things- my Tiger Lily's are blooming, and I think my Green Pepper plants are ready to burst a few buds as well.

That makes it all better!

The food is always better in another bowl

These dogs are nuts! When I feed them, all they want to do is get at each others bowls!

They will each take a bite of their own food, then wander away. A few minutes later, puppy will sneak over to Rocky's dish and start munching.

Vroom! I whisk it away.

If I forget to take Cosmo's dish away, you can bet your bottom dollar that once you turn your back, Rocky will be eating the puppy food!

I did an experiment yeaterday- I mixed a few pieces of Rocky's food in with Cosmos food, and some of Cosmo's food mixed with Rocky's.

What did they do? Ate only the pieces that were the OTHER dogs and left theirs!

Geez, wouldn't be so bad if pup wasn't just over 4 lbs. and Rocky is bordering 100 lbs.

Um....different nutritional needs, guys!

I want to know....

Horrible subject I know....

I HATE the fact that the news will report on murders -  the details, the arrest, the trial.

But you never hear about WHY these people do stuff like that.

I mean, did the mother drink, or do drugs during pregnancy? Not eat right?

Was the kid mentally, physically or sexually abused?

Of course, maybe I don't want to know...what if they had the ideal childhood and still flipped out?


Going to camp

Going to Girl scout camp tonight. We only have 3 girls going. Of course there's only 4 in the troop so guess we're doing ok.

We're making banana boats at the campfire...........yum!

Easy weight loss

If you want to lose weight- eat all day! I'm sure we've all heard that several small meals a day are better than just 3.

I would have to believe that. My grandson, Little Man is a non-stop eating machine! I swear if you let him, he'd eat about 10 bananas, 6 apples, 53 grapes and 5 plums a day- these are estimates, of course...

...but wouldn't but it past him.

This in addition to pancakes, eggs, hot dogs, PB & J sandwiches and more....

The kid is definately very healthy looking- not too skinny but not at all fat.

Back a zillion years ago...(ok, about 25) I worked at a daycare. I worked in the infant room. Most of the kids brought thier own food, but once they turned a year old the parents could put them on the school lunch program if they chose to.

Man that was some GOOD eating...all day long! Between taking "just a bite" of some of those delicious toddler meat sticks, a cheerio or two and "just one cracker" during snack time....

...and don't forget that left over spaghetti- mmmmm....

I actually LOST so much weight, my mother asked me if I was anorexic!

Um....the opposite, mom!

Anyhoo....have to sign off now and get ready to go shopping for our camping trip. I'll catch up with you all tomorrow nigth and Sunday!

Trying to remember if I told the girls NO electronics.....If NOT, I may bring my computer and hope I can catch a signal.....

I must follow the rules....

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Just realized I talked an aweful lot about eating- better go nibble on a meat stick or something :-)


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Yvette said...

Arent dogs funny? Whenever we take ours to someone else's house (who have dogs too) he always chows down on their dogfood! But when he's home, he's so picky about his own! LOL Great Friday Fragments! Have fun at Girl Scout Camp!!

Ann said...

Good luck with the Girl Scout Camp. I remember going to those camps, as you said, "a zillion years ago... ok, maybe 25".

Thanks so much for being a part of the VGNO!!!

Melanie said...

The tiger lilies are beautiful - my favorite flower :)

And now I'm hungry ;)

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