We'll just call today Friday...........

I really have to call my Internet Service Provider! This is getting ridiculous- I was only able to get on the computer for about an hour yesterday. When you work from home, this can be a real issue.

So yesterday in my eyes wasn't Friday, because I couldn't do any of my Friday stuff, like:

Half-Past Kissin' Time

So I declare today FRIDAY, ok?

Friday Fragments

Been getting ready to have a lawn sale today- my house is a wreck!

Did you ever wonder WHY you saved 1/2 of your junk?

I call it junk and think no one will buy the stuff...until I remember I once bought it, why won't someone else.....

One man's junk is another man's treasure!

When looking for stuff to sell, I ran into a box of Golden Childs stuff from Kiddie-garten...great artwork :-) and some pictures that the teacher took.

I have to wonder- how can a kid not really change in all those years?

All I know is, I have some really embarrassing  cool stuff to hang around the house for his graduation party!

Little Man was here for the past 4-5 days. I don't understand how someone so cute can be such a brat (I say that lovingly!).

If you tell him NO- the world has come to an end!

That's what happens when a kid is being raised by two parents living apart (that can't communicate).

We may have a trailer!
It's smaller and older than I would like :-) but you have to start somewhere! Now if it doesn't sell before I get ahold of the guy....one plus is I know the owner.

Did I mention that I got rid of my last 3 goats?

I'm ready to go!

Now I must go and real quick check emailand read a blog or two before my Internet dies again...

Then it's out to the front yard to make a little moola!



Mrs4444 said...

Well, alrighty then--It's Friday.

What?! You're selling your lawn?! JK (We call them garage sales or rummage sales here.) Hope you made a killing.

I cannot imagine how hard it must be to co-parent from a distance. (Good thing he's cute.)

From Tracie said...

I had that happen to me this week too....in my world it is still Thursday, so you are actually ahead of all your Friday doings! ;-)

Doreen McGettigan said...

Happy Friday! Best of luck on that sale I have not had one in a long time..but should have a long time ago!
It is so difficult to parent separately but remember kids are very adaptable and can quickly distinguish two sets of rules. Be consistent on your end!
Have a great weekend!

Ann said...

No more goats? Sad, but necessary. (I will always have the heart-shaped rock pic to remember them by :-> )

How's the sale going?

Everyday Kathy said...

Yep I'm celebrating Friday over at my blog today... I think a flexible approach to the days of the week is best!

So did you rake in a lot of $$$... Hope so!!
Kathy over at Everyday Mommy