Yesterday was a BIG fat zero!

The weather really put a kabosh on my lawn sale. I had put a few things out Friday night hoping to get a start on things. I asked Ron to throw a tarp over the stuff in case it rains.

The problem? I forgot to double check and make sure he had everything covered well! It did in fact rain, and the tarp he threw over had some holes, and well...

You guessed it!

Some of the puzzles and pictures got wet and are no longer fit to be sold!


Yesterday morning started out dark and gloomy. It was threatening to rain again....

It didn't.

So I set everything else up, making sure I had a few tarps handy. They were all old and holey, but if figured I could double them up, and stuff SHOULD be ok- I hoped.

Twice it rained- when you would least suspect it- when it was sunny out!

Twice I jumped up, threw everything under tables and covered them with tarps.

Twice the rain stopped as soon as I had everything put away....

Twice I put everything back out and sat down to read and wait....

...and wait....

Had one customer- no sale!

Anyway, the third time it started sprinkling, we covered everything and called it a day.

Never rained again during the day....the rain started again last night.

Now it's pouring out! I sure hope everything stayed dry  :-(

Time for a little fun!

Here is a meme I found but haven't tried yet.

Unconcious Mutterings

Play it like a word association- just put the first word that comes to mind

  1. Group :: rates
  2. Pollution :: death
  3. Getaway :: vacation
  4. Mail :: junk
  5. Believe :: trust
  6. Chimney :: smoke
  7. Curses :: bad luck
  8. Contrite :: remorseful
  9. Eyelash :: long
  10. Jobs :: work
That's it for today kids....the rain is letting up, so I'm headed out!


Cindy Haskin-Popp said...

Hi Carolee,

Did it stop raining so you could have your yard sale? Sorry to hear the first few days weren't a go because of the rain. I love yard sales (going to them, not having one myself). I wish you luck with your endeavor!

Mrs4444 said...

What a pain in the butt! Seriously...I would have been sooo frustrated!