Is your picture here?

I was talking to my mom one day when she remarked, "Better watch what you wear to the store."

Curious, I asked why.

She answered, "There's a website called People of Walmart where people send in pictures of people that are wearing strange clothes, are overweight and more."

That kind of scared me. I mean, I'm no fashion queen, that's for sure! In fact, I'm at my best in jeans and a sweatshirt. At least in public -  pajama pants or sweats and a T-shirt at home.

As many of you know, while most people get their hair cut every 6-8 weeks, I usually manage to stretch it to 6-8 months between cuts. Not intentionally, I just get busy!

So this morning I decided to check it out- was I on there?

I don't know! The danged site loaded, but the pictures page just wouldn't load!

So can someone check the Ny section and see if my pic is there?

This is me:


BTW- while you are there, check out some of the other pics.

There is a section for girls in yoga pants, random creepy guys and a few others I don't remember.

Um, under random creepy guys- is Ron there?

This is Ron

Moving on.....

Yesterday, my yard sale was about like Saturday........

Enough said.

Maybe this week.....

Princess Der had a birthday party to attend yesterday. It was right by our friend's C & L's. Since a yard sale was out, we stopped by to say Hi to C & L and catch up on life.

They were talking about going to a local field days the nght before. Apparently after they left (according to C's brother) a couple of extremely overweight women were sitting at a picnic table eating when suddenly the table BROKE!

I automatically felt so bad for those woman. Number one it must have been totally embarrassing. I was also worried that the women may have been injured.

As L was telling the story she was laughing - I was worried as I stated above. I didn't really find it funny.

Now don't get me wrong, L is such a sweetie- I love her like a sista. She even said that it's not really funny and even admitted she got over 200 lbs after her last child was born. But she laughed....

Then C did told us that they had been at the field days for 2 1/2 hours. Those woman had been sitting at that picnic table surrounded by tons of food when C & L entered the event. They were in THE SAME PLACE, surrounded by food when C & L left to go home.

While I still can't laugh about it, I'm not sure I feel AS sorry for them as I originally did, but I still do feel sorry for them. I mean everyone has feelings. I hope no one laughed at the time.

Today looks like a beautiful day! I have a little work to do and some errands to run, then maybe, just maybe.......

I'll uncover the stuff out in the yard and try to peddle some junk again.

Send warm - weather wishes my way!


Emma-Louise said...

I wouldn't worry if I were you.
There aren't that many pictures go up at a time, it isnt like anyone can just put them up.
People take pictures and email them to the site admin, and if the admin think they are funny they post them. The pictures are of people who are 300lbs and wearing skimpy clothes, people wearing truly bizarre clothing, and old women dressed in teenage clothing - that kind of thing. Oh and people in their pyjamas or with wild hair or terrible tattoos. Not your every day kind of people who haven't put in loads of effort, people who are genuinely laughable. Some people are in swimsuits, others are wearing shirts with no pants!
Also, they block faces anyway.

Carolee Sperry said...

I was only kidding!

I would certainly HOPE I'm not there!

Thanks for stopping by!