What makes a blog "good" Part 2

A few weeks ago, I posed a question to my readers:

What makes a blog "good".

I got a variety of answers- some as comments, and some through email.

Here are some of them:

Most people like a nice looking blog, but it's the content that keeps 'em coming back.

The majority of respondants said they didn't mind someone selling an item, having a give-away or doing reviews on their blog but they liked seeing a little of the personal touch with it. This included pics of the kids, cute stories about kids and other family-type content.

If it's all sell, sell, sell they are likely to click the big X in the corner and get out of there.

They want to see a face behind the name.......a profile along with a pic on the splash page.

Most admitted they kind of liked the Google friend follower button, although some wondered about the loyalty of some of these "friends".

Straight text with no line breaks, titles or pics is a no-no! White space between paragraphs makes a blog easier to read.

And speaking of ease of reading, strange colors combos like black backgrounds with green text, or bright yellow background with florescent orange text may be cool, but it's very hard to read.

Too many ads are a big turn-off. I have to admit, I've seen some blogs that are ALL ads along with a sentence or two, and there was no profile- Jack the Ripper could have written that blog! Why would I buy something from a "no-one?"

Ironically, as I was waiting for comments to pour in :-), I happened to run into a lot of blogs that were ALL review and nothing personal.

I decided to write a post on my Advice For Work At Home blog about it. But before I could, another blogger blogged something similar.

I waited to see the response she got from her post before I wrote my post.

My guess was right- it was a heated topic!

Read my post here- the link for the other bloggers post is there.

I would love to see what your comments are on that post!


→Daniele← said...

Funny you post this b/c I have been thinking about this a lot lately...about how most of the blogs I come across are just reviews and giveaways and I frankly visit the blog feeling like I don't even know what's going on on their page.
I am new to the blog world, and I did it simply for fun. I talk about things that I like and don't like, products that work or don't work (I don't call it a review b/c it's more anecdotal and story telling, and again, just for fun). I really don't even understand how a lot of bloggers are making money, b/c I would personally never click on a link to buy something through a blog of someone I didn't know.

Carol Flett said...

I look for blogs that say something meaningful that I can identify with. I hate seeing mostly ads too. I started my blog thinking maybe I would generate an income eventually but I think now it is more like just a ministry and that was the main purpose in the first place. But who knows what happens down the road.