Busy, busy, busy

Wow, between work, Girl Scouts & the holidays, I've been busy. On top of that, my Grandmother has been in and out of the hospital in a neighboring state, about 150 miles away. My business has been a blessing- I can just pack up my laptop, some postcards, my cell phone, etc...and go to Grandmas. The only glitch is my uncle (who live's there w/Gram) has dial up, and his computer is s-l-o-w. It's not only dial up slow, it's an old computer that has XP on it and doesn't have enough memory for that. My mom & I were trying to book our airline tickets to Houston for the event at the end of February. It took at least 10 minutes for it to warm up, then longer to get to the Internet, etc... My sister oftentimes works from home. She also visits my Grandmothers from another state. I was thinking of seeing if she wanted to go 1/2 on getting my uncle wireless Internet so we could go there whenever & not worry about tying up the phoneline & getting kicked off the internet and such. HMMMMM........

A couple of our goats also had babies. My pygmy had a little girl JUST after the new years, and a nubian had a girl last week. Last year we had 9 babies, but a few that I thought had been bred this year apparently weren't.

We have had pretty nice weather for this time of year. The dogs & I got out for a long walk a couple of times, and my daughter & I took a nice walk at Grandma's. She lives in Pennsylvania on a long, narrow, windy road. At one point, it was all open field and the mountains in the distance were barely visible through the mist. It was so beautiful.

Yesterday, there was light snow falling, and the dogs & I took a walk in the woods before I began work for the day. The snow was clinging to the branches, and covering the pond (which was barely frozen). It was so pretty & serene. The dogs had a blast rolling around, gnawing on each other!

Today I have to go get coal for the stove (great heat!) and do some other running around, so I guess my mornings work will be putting out flyers and such! Gotta go!