To Grandmothers house we go!

I've been spending alot of time at my Grandmothers and I just feel so blessed that I am able to go help when needed, if I was still at the library, I couldn't just pick up & go! I just got home from my Grandmothers yesterday (Saturday) and have to go back Tuesday or Wednesday as my mom has an appt, so I have to attend to Gram. Then, it's my turn to spend the weekend there helping my mom. My sister are alternating weekends- she is coming 4 hours, I come 3. It certainly is a lifestyle change, but like I said, I'm so happy I can do this for my family!

I had to go last Thursday, and stayed until Saturday morning so I could see my sis. My uncle got a new computer! The only problem was, we had trouble with the antivirus & he was pretty adament that we can't go on the computer with out anti-virus protection. That meant no email! When I got home & checked it, I saw someone had signed up for medical. Someone I hadn't even talked to! Pretty cool, huh?

OPPS! Gotta go-my honey just got home and we've hardly seen each lately! More later....