Vacation Home

I sometimes feel like I have a vacation home I visit every week or so! Only it's not really a vacation to change a womans diaper & spoonfeed her! I'm more than happy to help out, but it ain't no picnic ! It really brings up so many questions and emotions and such when you look at how your body can break down. Up until Grandma was around 85, we used to joke that she could run circles around any of us!

Now, we're lucky if she's awake for a total of 2 hours a day, and that's when we beg & plead with her to eat "just one more bite!" She doesn't feel hungry & nothing tastes good. My poor mother is caring for Grandma 99% of the time. The nurse's aid only comes for about an hour a day. Come to find out, they don't consider her bad enough for around the clock care! My mothers is doing it around the clock! I'm glad I can go down and help her. If I still had my job, I wouldn't be able to go down as often-my boss was great, but..................

Believe it or not, despite my uncle's slow dial up connection (1/2 hr to get to my emails!) I did get to check my emails and to assist a lady with signing up. I also stopped at every few exits and put out flyers. I am trying to hit different exits each time until I have them all covered! I have also located several bulletin boards in town (Grandmothers), so my business will hopefully expand to that area! I really do like this biz- I mean I can do what I want, work where and when I want.