A GREAT weekend

Wow! I just got home from Houston last night! We had a blast. I got to meet all those wonderful people I have been working with (by phone) for the past year. Since I was promoted to Regional Sales Director just a few short days before the event, I got to go up on stage for some recognition & a picture with our wonderful team leaders. Others were onstage accepting awards for making 25, 50, $100,000 or more. This event just reinforced what I already knew-there is an alternative to the 40 hour a wk/40 year plan that must of us have come to associate with adulthood. Because most adults have lost all hope and are afraid to dream, we don't see the opportunities right in front of us. We continue going to a J-O-B everyday, making someone elses dream come true.

I really love working from home- I can do what I want, when I want. I can make as much money as I want, my future is in my hands, not a bosses. Because I am paid residually, I can take a month off, and will still have a paycheck waiting for me when I get home. Sometimes, there is a surprise and someone has self enrolled for benefits or work from home!

I have made a goal for myself- by the time next years event rolls around, I will be up on that stage as a National Sales Director making AT LEAST $100,000/yr. Watch out world, here I come!