Can't believe it's Friday already!

I have no idea how Friday got here! They are continuing our promotion until the end of May- only $25.00 to start a home business with us- normally it is $95.00. So, we've had a bit of action going on!

Since I became a Regional Sales Director, I have been encouraging my team to reach RSD. My goal is to reach Senior Regional Sales Director by the end of this month, and to be up on stage as a National Sales Director by the next Freedom at Team annual event next February! I really enjoy creating a team "newsletter" each day. I have always liked to write, and I can share my infinite wisdom (ha-ha) this way!

I have a couple of team members that I believe will really shine in the coming months. This home business really has the potential for some good income! I hope to see my team mates move forth & achieve their dreams! Next week, I help host the Prosperity team meeting. I think that will be fun. I love teaching others. As a matter of fact, I have a couple of classes I'll be teaching this semester at our local adult ed center. I'll have to sneak in a bit about my business. Maybe once I'm making $100,000/yr, I can teach a class about network marketing.

A couple of my team members and I are having an event for cover the uninsured week. We are going to advertise it in the paper and hang flyers around. Hopefully, we'll each have quite a few member sign-ups. Anyway, time to get going.