I could-a been, should-a been fired!

Thank the good Lord I work for myself! I swear, if I still had a J-O-B, I would have been fired yesterday for sure. Over the weekend, my daughter broke a tooth. Thank God it was a baby tooth! That entailed an unexpected trip to the dentist Monday! That's all fine and dandy, but she also had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning. Even if I had gone back to work afterwards( If I were so unfortunate to have a job), I wouldn't have been there the rest of the day. Around 2:30, my 16 year old son calls and asks me to please come, he & his girlfriend had just been in a car accident. Holy moley! He said they were ok except some burns and bruising from the airbags. The whole way there (about 15 minutes) my heart was in my throat (or so it felt). I could feel it beating & I was afraid I was having an anxiety attack. Thank the Lord, they are ok. Just writing about it is making my heart pump!

I have been SO busy. Alot of interest in our promotion. I have been hitting the streets hard with flyers. We have a new member bonus program launching soon, and it sounds great! I'm going out again today as long as the weather complies. I love doing flyers. I hop in the car and drive all over. I have a regular territory, and each week I advance out a little. I usually go shopping, go to bank, etc...while I'm out. Kill two birds with one stone and also I can deduct my mileage! That's like getting paid to shop!

One of my team members is in the army and is being deployed to Iraq! I feel so bad for him- he has a wife and kids! I'm really sorry too because he seemed like a nice fellow and I barely have gotten to know him! That's what I love about this company. The people you meet and work with, the friendships formed. We have single parents, retired doctors, teachers, you name it! It's almost like a huge extended family. And when our "Family reunions" a.k.a conferences come around, we don't have to ask a bosses permission to go. We just go! How great is that? I Love working at home in my own home based business!