A sad day for the world

Well, I just found out that my grandmother has passed away. I was there with her all week, and we kept thinking it would be any moment, but she kept hanging on. She had said she would go out kicking, and she sure did. But, she was in a lot of pain toward the end, and I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted that!

But honestly, the world has lost a wonderful woman. My grandmother was loved by all. She was someone that could speak to any generation. The young as well as the old will miss her greatly.

I actually got some work done on my down times. I had several calls about health benefits. My uncle still has dial-up, but he got a faster connection. It really was ok. I didn't run too many online ads or anything, because that took some time and we really wanted the phone lines to be clear as there were a lot of relatives calling to inquire about grandma.

I don't have much time to write right now as a I have a little catching up here in the house, and have to prepare to go back to my grandmothers in a day or two. And I'm still beat from very little sleep all week. I think I'll lay down for 15 minutes and regroup!

Thank the good Lord I fired my boss and started working at home. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the last week to spend with Grandma. I told her many things I may not have said often enough when she was feeling better. And although she was weak and could hardly speak, for the most part she seemed to understand ok. I'm sure she heard us!

Anyway, later! Need to rest & then get back on track with my business!