It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

It's supposed to be pretty nice out today. The kids are on spring break, so we are going to the zoo! My son and his girlfriend, along with her 2 year old sister, are coming along. I love being able to do these things when I want, not when a boss says I can! And I'm sure there are places at the zoo to "leave" some info. If nothing else, I should see a few laudermats and gas stations to hang up flyers!

Things have been coming along here. Between outdoor work, spring cleaning, and a home based business, I'm keeping pretty busy. We are going to be painting our hallway and living room, and putting up tongue and groove, as well as brick behind our wood stove. We are also planning on remodeling the kitchen somewhat. The question is, do we do it all at once or at different times. I'm for all at once except I'm not totally sure what I want in the kitchen. Also, you have twice the mess. Because we have a farmette, we need durable floors that can take the mud and dirt and constant mopping. Of course, we try not to get dirt around, but the dogs come bouncing in, wet and full of mud!

I am also working on a duck pond. We recently got 4 ducks. The two females took off for better waters (the big pond at the end of our property.) I guess we need to make the waters up here better!

We have an event coming up at our local mall for the biz in early May, so I have alot to do there. We are having a free drawing for health and "feel good" gifts, as well as balloons and probably some other give-aways. We are hoping to draw in some members for dental and medical plans.

I do not know how I ever worked a full-time job, ( and a part-time one also at one point!) I barely have time for housework now-I'm too busy doing the stuff I want to do. If I worked a J-O-B, I would probably be fired by now anyway. I always have at least one doctor, dentist, or orthodontist appt. for someone every week.

Working from home- Ahhhhh............this is the life!