This, that and the other thing

I've been busy with this that and the other thing! :)

I handed out my the frisbees at a firemans field days last weekend. I had a lot of positive responses. Of course one fellow said he just paid over $1,000 for dental work! He needs our benefits! There always seems to be one you don't get to in time! But, we can save him in the future!

I have been doing alot of training with team members. I have a couple in training, and some that are working to promote to Regional Sales Director. I have a great team- they know what they want and are going for it! If I have someone that I know is trying, I'll be right there with them, showing them the way.

I have also been co-hosting on some of our training calls. I really enjoy that. I can help my team members, but also people on other teams. The impact I can potentially make in someones life spurs me on. I can't wait for someone on my team to buy a new home (or fulfill some other dream) with their earnings from their home biz. I will be so excited and happy, I know I'll cry. I think it will be as exciting as reaching one of my own dreams or goals!

We go to Dallas in 11 days! I can't wait to meet some of my " friends and co-workers". You really do develop relationships in this business. People think if you are working at home on a telephone and computer that it's a lonely business, but it's really not. We talk a few times a week during conference calls & such. Everyone is so friendly & supportive.

This weekend my mom came up for a few days. She has been staying with my uncle, but stays at her house here quite often, too. We had the baby on Saturday and had a ball. He laughs at the strangest things! He really loved feeding the goats! Sunday, the whole gang stopped in at one time or another-kids, step-kids, nephews, mothers, etc... Busy day!

And now... I must return phone calls. I believe I have a new broker starting today, so need to get stuff ready for her.