We're in Dallas for A.P. convention

Ron & I arrived in Dallas yesterday for an AmeriPlan convention! We are having a great time- learning soooo much! Tonight, they have motown! We are going to party it up with our new friends!

It is so great seeing and talking to other AmeriPlan IBO's who are making $100,000 or MORE in annual residual income. The great thing is, they are just people. Before AmeriPlan, they woke up everyday and went to work. They had bills they could barely pay. With persistance and hard work, they don't have those problems anymore! I met the leader of the Freedom at Home Team, Janie Jones. She is great!

One speaker had a theory that really makes you think! He claims that an alarm clock is bad for your heart. You're sleeping comfortably and suddenly, the alarm clock screeches at you! Bad for the heart. He had us cracking up! But it made sense, too the way he explained it.

Anyway, I have to call a few people, go to dinner, and get ready to get down and dirty with motown! Later!