Convention 2008- Dallas, Tx

Last weekend Ron and I went to Dallas, Texas for an AmeriPlan convention. All I can say is WOW! We met people that have been with the company from the beginning-which was 16 years ago! To hear the stories of how far the company has come in that short time and to see all the successful people! WOW!

People that had been with the company only 2-3 years were getting awards for making $100,000+/yr in lifetime residual income! They could take 6 month's off and still have that money flowing in! There were people that had been there anywhere from 4 - 16 years inducted into the millionaires club!

We met people from all walks of life. There were former doctors, bus drivers, single mothers,former computer geeks, former McDonald's employees, teachers, preachers, you name it! AmeriPlan can help anyone achieve their hopes and dreams for a better life!

But what was more important was the heart of everyone there. There were so many tears shed. Because for these people, it is about helping others. When we are able see a team member achieve a goal they have set, (whether it is buying a new car, a house, paying off debt, quitting their J-O-B, etc...), WE CHEER, TOO! And when you have brought that person aboard and helped them along the way, you feel like a million bucks. It just happens that after helping many people, you're making a million bucks! :)

Check out this guy that was at the convention- he went from school bus driver to being inducted into the millionaire club.

These people that make $100,000, $200,000 and more treated everyone the same. You could be hanging in the hallway and strike up a converstaion with someone. They are very nice, ask how you like the convention, etc...Two hours later, they are collecting an award for making $350,000/yr! They are so humble.

I was also so impessed that the company owners, Dennis and Daniel Bloom were there, mingling and talking to people. We had Motown on Friday night, and Denis and Daniel came all "pimped out" and danced and such! I missed most of that! I had someone who wanted to sign up for health benefits, and I was having technical difficulties up in my room with my laptop. I had to wait for the hotel's IT dept. to come.

I had been to a team event in February and met many people on the Freedom at Home Team, but not all. My National Sales Dirctor as well as another Regional Sales Director I had become friends with (via the telephone) were unable to make that event. This time, they were there! It's weird, but it is like going to a HUGE family reunion.

I thank God that I found this home business! It has enabled me to quit my job and be home- just in time! Our grandson was born just before my end date. Now, when he and Daddy drop by, I can see them! I am also here everyday when my kids get home from school.

I am so happy that Ron went with me. He has been in the "background" looking on with this biz. I think he really thought it was a scam at first. He has been coming around- seeing checks helps ;) but what really did it was the convention. He saw with his eyes ALOT of successful people. I think he has always believed he wasn't meant for success. He grew up with 7 brothers- his Dad left when he was a baby and his mom had to go it alone. 7 out of 8 boys graduated high school and have pretty good jobs. Ron is a diesel mechanic- the very best in our area. He makes pretty good money, as do the other 6 brother's.

But when it comes down to it, you never get anywhere working for someone else. After working 40+ hours a week for 40+ years, what have you got to show for it? I believe AmeriPlan showed Ron there is a better way!

If anyone out there would like to know more about a home business opportunity with AmeriPlan, go to my website and check out the info. From there, you can request an interview.

P.S. They announced some exciting news at convention- in the month of July it will only be $20.00 to start a home business with us! That includes your brokers kit, websites, benefits, life insurance, and more!

Dennis and Daniel also announced a contest- you can win an all expense paid vacation to Plya del Carmen Mexic0! ( Must be an AmeriPlan broekr to participate!)