While things are exciting, it is at the same time sad...

Yesterday my sheltie, Thunder died unexpectedly. We are not sure what happened. I arrived home from getting my daughter from an event. My daughter's gears on her bike weren't working correctly. I was riding it around trying to switch the gears. Thunder and Rocky were chasing me around like normal. A few minutes later, we came in and I gave them each a few bites of a piece of sausage that was left over. I then went out to feed our goats and chickens. Suddenly, my daughter yells out that I must come NOW- Thunder was laying in the hallway almost unresponsive!
I ran over and picked him up. I looked in his mouth and didn't see anything, I tried to pat him on the back, etc... in case he was choking. He died with in a minute or so. He hadn't acted like he was choking. The weather was pleasant, not hot, and they had water available. We are absolutely shocked and mystified!
Thunder was a rescue dog, and was petrified of Ron for a long, long time. It was just over two years ago that we got Thunder, and he was really just starting to like Ron the last 6 months or so! And now this, just as he was really settling down!
And what does Thunder dying have to do with my business? Not much except I will miss our morning walks before I settle down to work for the day. I will miss Thunder sleeping at my feet as I work in my office. I will even miss him barking in the background as I'm talking to prospects. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that I worked at home when Thunder got on a barking spree!
And so, I just wanted to say good-bye to Thunder- you will be missed! There is truly no other dog out there that could replace you!