Holy Guacamole! Where has the time gone?

I cannot believe it has been 2 months since I last wrote. AmeriPlan® has been popping promotions like crazy! We had our $20 promotion a few months back, and now we are having a $25.oo promotion! For only $25.00, you can have a home business! This includes the cost of the marketing kit, the ecommerce websites you receive and free training.

So, because of all this excitement going on at A.P., I have been actively working with some new brokers as well as still recruiting for other serious business-minded people. I have also been enrolling members, as there are just as many people seeking health benefits as there are seeking work at home.

We have also been going through some issues with my daughters health. She has symptoms that sounds like juvenile arthritis or something. She has pain in her right hip and ankle quite often, and she cannot grip or squeeze with her hands- she has like no strength in her hands. We went to the doctors 3x's in one week, and now she has to go to a rheumatologist. The poor doctor- I call her like once a week. We needed a note so my daughter didn't have to go to gym. We need a note now so she can use the elevator in school.

I have also been a little distracted lately by the grand-baby. Several times a week my step-son stops by with the baby. I will admit I'm distractable, but he is just too,too cute. I have to stop working for an hour or so and play with him. He has such a great personality! Check out his picture! I'm so happy I am here so I can see him- time goes by so fast.

I have been doing quite a bit of research on social networking. I am trying out different sites such as myspace,tagged.com, etc...I am hoping to do a training call on the subject for our team soon.

Speaking of training, I have an online journal writing class- right now, I have 2 students. PLUS, I have a class starting at an adult learning center this week. So....busy, busy, busy! Gotta go!