Another busy week!

I started the journal writing class this week. It was interesting. The ladies were a little hesitant to share their writings, so I went a little into lesson 2, and we STILL had a little time left! Oh well. Hopefully by this Thursday, they will open up a little. That amount of time is included into the class schedule, so if they don't paticipate, we have a lot of extra time. Hopefully, someone in that parking lot at the school will see the wording on the back of my car & call for benefits or work at home.

Funny, so much has been going on that I have not really had much time to work my business. Even so, I enrolled a couple of work at home reps (benefits brokers) in the past week, and some members. The brokers had found me during a web search for Dennis or Daniel Bloom, the co-founders of Ameriplan®. The members were warm market or from flyers I had posted on bulletin boards and such while out doing family errands.

Wednesday, a couple of my local brokers are going to get together and meet. I haven't met one of them, and they all haven't met each other. We can also bring prospects. I need to get on the phone and call some past prospects who are local and see about getting them to attend.

I had my daughter up to the emergency room the other night. Her doctor said if she had pain in her hips, hands, ankles, etc... after school, take her up there. Her rheumatologist appt. isn't until late October, and that was too far away for my satisfaction. I mean, sometimes this girl is in PAIN! They took bloodwork, and gave her a prescription for painkillers to take if it got really bad again. The E.R. doc thought it sounded like Juvenile Rheumatiod Arthritis ( was that right?), but of course, that part of the bloodwork hadn't come back by 2:15 in the morning, so they released her and told us to follow-up with her doctor.

We got a new dog a couple of weeks ago. Poor Rocky was lonely without Thunder ( so was I!). We finally decided on a 1 yr.old peek-a-pom. His name was Boomer, but we switched it to Max. He started coming to Max from the first time we called him that! Look at his pic! I joke around and say he needs AmeriPlan dental!

Well, must depart for now! Toodle-loo!