A productive week, considering!

Wednesday, another broker and I met at Denny's and got to know each other a little and brainstormed some ideas. We are going to be setting a table up at Family Fun Day at the local high school. We are also looking into hooking up with some non-profits if possible and set up tables when they have something going on. (Like during Diabetes awareness month).

It is nice to have a local broker that wants to get out there and work! It's unbelievable how many people say they want better for themselves and their family, that they want to work at home. Then, when given the opportunity, they do nothing. It's like they are paralyzed by fear of failure. Or they work a week or a month and aren't satisfied with their earnings. They quit. If they would only look at leaders within their organization and even leaders through-out history, many, many of them worked hard to get where they are. For some it took many failures, for others it took many years to get to the level they are at now. If they had quit in their first month, they never would have built the business to $100,000+/yr annual residual income.

We decided we would meet every other Wednesday night. This will hopefully turn into an opportunity to bring prospects and provide first hand information about our great benefits and the home business opportunity.

Yesterday was one of those trying days. My daughter woke up with pain in her hip, and she couldn't close her hands much at all. It looked like she was holding something. She took her ant-inflammatory stuff and went off to school. The first school dance was that afternoon, and she had been eagerly anticipating that. She and her friends had it all planned where they would stand and what they were going to do the whole time, etc.... Well, my daughter forgot her note to stay after. Being the G-R-E-A-T mom that I am, I drove back there (I had just driven through there 10 minutes before!) While at the office, I saw one of my daughter's teachers. She said my daughter was really complaining about her hip and was limping around . I figured she would deal with it as she has been doing, and take meds when she got home.

I proceeded to Family Dollar to get some scarecrows to put in my front yard. I wanted them to be holding my business sign (doesn't it look cute?). While there, Ron calls my cell phone & tells me the school nurse had called the house. My daughter was having alot of pain in her hip. I stopped back to the school.

I called the doctor for the 100th time in the past two weeks, just to make sure she could take a tylenol or something. It was cool, so I had the school nurse give her Tylenol . My daughter wanted to come home. She didn't care if she missed the school dance, she hurt.

Then the 3 muskateers (my 2 sons & the one's G.F) that all rented a place together..........well, that is a soap opera in itself.

I had my Journal Writing class last night. It went much better-everyone opened up and read some of their stuff and we really had a good time. We did a technique I read about somewhere called pick-a-word. You pick up a dictionary, bible, newspaper, whatever. Close your eyes, open the book and put your finger on the page. Write about the word you picked. One woman picked the word "time". She wrote all about the constraints of time, never having enough time, how she wishes she could wake up when she wanted, without an alarm clock. She got into how you have to go by the bosses clock, etc...(A light bulb went off in my head! I can help her!)

After she read it I said "You sound like you want to work at home. We need to talk." And left it at that. Thus far, the class know's I work at home, but I haven't said doing what yet. I am not in class to recruit or sell, really. But you can recruit and sell anywhere, so if I mention it casually, and maybe wear my benefits T-shirt, and drive my car with the lettering on the back windshield, well...hey if someone wants more info, you bet!
Anyway, speaking of time, time is moving along. I have to close for now and call my fantastic National Sales Director, Anita. We are going to stategize a little on how to get promoted to the next level. Then, over-rides kick in and my income goes up. Now, who wouldn't want that?
Check out the new training website that Anita and another NSD, Elizabeth put together. They are always creating new and exciting ways for their team to market their business. I have never worked for a place before that cared about helping me. Most places ( and people) want to hold you back. I love AmeriPlan! Anyway, the link!