Praise the Good Lord I work at home!

I just thank God every day for this opportunity to work from home. My daughter has been to the doctors about 8 times in the past month, as well as to the dentist and orthodontist several times. The other day she FINALLY had her rheumatologist appointment. I swear if I had a job, I would have been canned by now!

The bad news is, she does have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has what is called polyarticular JRA, which means it involves 5 or more joints. Usually with this type, the same things will hurt on both sides of the body, which is exactly what happened to my daughter! The doctor had his team of fellow rheumatologists take a look at her. She already has some joint damage, but how much ? She had a bunch of x-rays of her feet, knees, hips, and hands - from every angle imaginable. This particular condition can fade away as she approaches adulthood, or could worsen. the doctor has her on an aggressive treatment plan. One of the drugs is a drug used in cancer patients. She might end up losing hair. We'll see. If so, I told her I would shave my head and we can wear crazy hats and wigs!

The good news is, I am home now ! ! ! I am here to help her if she's having a bad day. If her condition should deteriorate, I am here. I am building my business so that in a year or two I can kick back and enjoy my life. I will at that time have the time and the money to take my daughter to places that she has always wanted to go to.

I am trying to find other children in Central New York who may have this condition. I want to start asupport group for these kids if there isn't one already. I had a response from an ad I placed from a college student who wants to do a photographic story on my daughter as she goes through her everyday life living with this illness. I have to talk to her and see what it entails and what she is looking for.

I have to get going in a minute. I have to go get stuff for our Girl Scout Halloween party. I also need to work on my flyers for my candy bags. One of the suggestions I heard on a training call the other day is to attach a business card to each piece of candy you hand out. I live in the boonies and get no trick or treaters. So I'm making up candy bags with a flyer inside and heading to the closest town. I'm going to hand the bags out to kids while I'm walking my daughter around. Each homeowner that gives out candy will also get a flyer.

We are having some real action on my team! Several of my new brokers are writing business. I have been involved quite a bit with our team training calls. They are always so much fun as well as informative. I really like helping others move their teams forward. Like I always said, when one of my brokers does something cool like buys a house with their AmeriPlan earnings, I'll probably be so proud and happy, I'll cry!

Well, must get to shopping & working!

Carolee Sperry
Regional Sales Director
yahoo instant messenger ID: carolee_sperry