What does this have to do with work at home?

You're probably wondering just what the Journal Writing exercise I mentioned in the last post has to do with working at home. I would assume most readers here do work from home or have been considering working from home.

If you have been considering working at home, you would 1st need to determine why you want to work at home in the first place- your WHY. You might try writing "100 reasons why I want to work at home", or "100 things I want in a work at home opportunity", etc...

This exercise will help you determine what you should be looking for. Do you have kids? Can you work around their schedules with a jome JOB? Can you committ to a specific work schedule? Most home JOBS require that you work a certain set of hours. Do you have a home office? Some require that you have a room separate from the main living quarters.

If you are considering a home-based business, you could write, "100 things I want from a home-based business" or "100 things I DO NOT want out of a home based business" or "100 things I am willing to do to build a home-based business".

You may hate to sell products- that would be something you DON'T WANT in a home business.

You may be financially strapped- you would want to consider a business that is under $100.00 start-up. [Side note here- work at home jobs should not cost you anything. A home business typically has a start-up cost associated with it] So you DON'T WANT high start- up costs.

Maybe you don't have a home office. Big factor when deciding between a job and a business.

With a home business, you can conduct business at the kitchen table, by the pool, or almost anywhere. With product sales you can sell to anyone , anywhere. A service - based business is typically done with a telephone and home computer, so can be done anywhere there is telephone and Internet service.

If you presently own a home based biz, a business journal is a great place to record what has been working for your biz and what hasn't. It is also a great place to write down ideas, goals, and marketing strategies.

So how can we use our list of 100 to our greatest benefit? First,we want to take all of our 100 words or phrases and put them into categories.

Example- Say if I was writing "100 time stealers"- I may have category's such as "Kids" , "Volunteering", "business", etc...Next, I want to count how many times I referenced "kids" and write that number next to the word kids. Then, do the same with Volunteering, Business, etc....

Not that spending time on any of these subjects is a bad thing, but if they are taking the majority of your time, you need to recognize it and take steps to balance out your life a bit.

So go ahead and break your list down into categories. See what category's get the most attention. Then, sit down and think about what you just discovered about yourself +/or needs.

If you wrote about working from home, what have you learned about your needs?

Are you looking for the steady hours and a steady paycheck?

Or are you looking to be your own boss, knowing it will take time, dedication and devotion , but will be so worth it in the end?

This is what I asked myself after reviewing the facts: - Was I willing looking to work 40 hours a week for 40 years, and retire broke? Or did I want to dedicate myself wholeheartedly for 4 years and retire with $100,000+/yr in annual residual income? I chose the second option because I have dreams bigger than any job could afford to pay for!

So, what do you say? 4 years or 40?

Not everyone has what it takes to make it on their own- DO YOU?

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Carolee Sperry
Regional Sales Director