Working from home ain't as easy as it sounds!

Lil cousins, Big Problem's and A Tranny!
You are probably thinking the same thing I was- "What ?" I turned and looked at Ron. "What the heck are you watching NOW?" Of course I knew what he was watching......... Jerry Springer.

Since Ron started working nights, I often hear a muffled chorus of "Jerry, Jerry!" through the wall between my office and the livingroom as I am working . Although I find the chant irritating, after hearing it a couple of hundred times, I found myself chanting, "Jerry, Jerry" as I was going about my day. I filled my mind with other things- training calls, telephone calls, music, anything to drown out the cries of the audience as yet another woman yanks up her shirt and flashes America so she can have a pair of Jerry Beads.

What do you say? Jerry beads? How do I know about that? I'm supposed to be working at home, not watching Jerry! Honestly, it only took one time passing through the living room to catch on to that one. A woman had her hand raised to ask a question. The microphone gets there and this woman literally threw up her shirt and showed her stuff! Ron laughed like the dicken's over that. Now I know why I hear hysterical laughing coming from the livingroom all the time!

So of course, another day, same show. I pass through and Ron's just cracking up. I ask what's so funny- there's a fellow on Jerry Springer who goes by the name of Reverand Shnore (sp???). Strange character! Apparently he will go anywhere and marry you for $100. He also marries people on the show.

Wow- I know a lot about the show- and I don't even watch it- just catch a glimpse here and there or hear some of it while making breakfast. But after a while, you can't help but pay attention. You can't go back to work until you see the rest of the story.

Which is what happened today. I walked through, and saw the words Lil cousins, Big problems, and A Tranny flash across the T.V screen. I stopped in my tracks and looked at the TV and start watching. Suddenly, I shook out of it and remembered that I was supposed to be working. And I left and walked back into my office and got to work.

Which goes to show just how hard it is to work at home. Other people in the home, friend's calling on the telephone, the pile of dishes in the sink can all be distractions that pull us away from what we need to be doing.

When I get distracted, I try to regroup-. One way is by writing- journal writing, blog writing, whatever. Another way is to just pick up the phone and call a prospect or a leader on your team to chat. Re-connect I guess is a better term.

One thing I have realized about working at home- the 5 P's... You need to fill your Pipeline. In other words, you have to let people know what you do. Then, you have to Plant the seed, or share the information. Then you need to be Patient & Persistant- wait for your business to grow. Finally then be Prepared to accept the blessings when your harvest comes in. This applies to any business, I think! Of yeah, and don't get distracted! :)

Before I go, here is a good journal writing exercise I do in my journal writing class. Take a piece paper and number the lines 1-100. Now write down 100 things- 100 things that keep you from your purpose, 100 ways you can grow your business, 100 things you are worried pick what to write about.

You can repeat things if you need to or if you can't think for a sec, write skip on that line. Write it fast, without thinking..........just go!

And next time, I'll tell you how to use that information to help you in certain areas of life. Until next time, bye!

BTW- We had a G-R-E-A-T call last night with Janie Jones. She just came back from Dallas where they had a Leader of Tomorrow event. She visited AmeriPlan headquarters and she talk's here about the future of A.P. and also of her experiences as a work at home mom. The reocding link is here:

Carolee Sperry

Regional Sales Director