Stayin' warm- n- cozy while I work at home

I'm just toasty warm while sitting here on my computer. This morning it was pretty chilly when we woke up. Ron and I decided to start the coal stove. Man, I love it!

As the house warmed, I was surprised that I was actually looking forward to old man winter’s first visit. Unlike most people, I don’t really mind the winter.

Fall is probably my favorite season- it is beautiful. I just love how the colorful leaves on the trees reflect in the pond out back. The feeling I get is like getting ready for a renewal- lose your leaves-shed what is holding you back in life.

But that is just a prelude to the simple beauty of winter.

The sheer whiteness after a fresh snowfall is just amazing in itself.

Shoveling at night is great. You should try it sometime. It’s best done alone. The high snow banks tend to muffle any outside noises. It just makes me want to reflect, to improve on those areas where I could use some improvement. I feel as if I am alone in the world-what a great time to think!

Or not to think.

Maybe a time to just stop and listen to the quiet.

Enjoy the quiet.

Partake of it.

Become one with it.

And I can do that anytime I want! Yee-haw!

Last winter I quit my job to work at home with AmeriPlan full time. It was so cool to be home and look out the sliding door at the swirling, twirling snow. Sometimes I could not even see the goat house out back (see pic on the right) It is truly a winter wonderland!

Most mornings I would walk with the dogs in the woods behind the house. The crisp snow would crunch under our feet, interrupting the perfect peace around us. The snow-laden treetops would reach for the ground, creating natural archways for us to pass through. The fresh country air was exhilarating. I would look around me and just want to cry with joy. I am home! I don’t have to drive in the snow to go to work! I need only to walk down the hall to my office. No more scrambling for babysitters on snow days!

I no longer have to hate the snow- I can enjoy it!
Old man winter, bring it on!
Additional note:
2/20/09- I lied. Or perhaps I was mistaken.........I no longer love the winter! Bring on the flowers!

Carolee Sperry
Regional Sales Director