Working at home- It's all good!

Working from home is proving to be so much more than what I had envisioned. I thought it meant being your own boss, staying home with the kids, and great tax breaks. It is, but there's more!

You also get friends. People who really care about you and the welfare of family. These friend's will do whatever they can to help you succeed- you just have to be willing to do the work.

This really hit home last night. during my journal writing class. We were doing Topics Du Jour. This is where you number a paper 1-31. One each line, write a different topic from your life. Example- love,kids,animals, house, etc.... One each day of the month, you write in your journal about the topic for that day. Yesterday was the 9th of the month. After everyone had written 31 topics, I told them to write about topic #9 . I had done the exercise, too. My # 9 was friends.

That was a funny one for me as I always say I don't have friend's. Realistically I do have friends, but do I have FRIEND'S? My best friend is in Colorado- my cuz-friend, Tracy. She's the cool chick in the picture! Her mom and my mom are cousins by marriage. So, we really aren't cousins, but we always say we are, even at our old age of 40-something. I talk to her more than anyone else- we will often talk for several hours on the phone. Praise the Lord for unlimited long distance!

I really get along with everyone! The world is my friend! There are very few people I truly dislike - I try to see the good in everyone. But really besides my long distance cuz-friend, do I have a FRIEND?

What came out in my journal writing is that my AmeriPlan team mates are truly becoming friends . When one is facing an illness or a death in the family, you feel as badly as you do for someone you've known your whole life.

They are like a "cyber-family." Members of this great family talk on the phone frequently, hear each other on conference calls, and are constantly each other . Friendships within the "family" are created.

Then you meet the family face-to-face- and it's like a family reunion! Black, white, fat, thin, balding, we are all one. Wow! And really, it's not like meeting strangers. You feel as if you have known them forever!

So that was a ta-da moment! Then another sort of funny thing happened last night. I come home from class and walk into my house . It's a wreck as it had been for days. We have been bombarded with doctor appts, Girl Scouts and Journal Writing class this week PLUS my A.P. biz. Dishes and kitchen floors were low on my list of Things To Do. Apparently no one else saw fit to do it, either. I just said " It's all good!" and started cleaning things up, and making my dinner (at 9:30 p.m.-oops!) But, really, It's all good!

At 10 p.m. we had a team call with Janie Jones, our team leader. She started talking about the Leaders of Tomorrow event she just returned from. She said it's just like a family reunion. I thought that was funny as I had just written something similar! Then several times she said "It's all good" during the call!

I thought, wow I must be picking up thought patterns from Janie! Hmmmm...does that mean I'll be at her level of income by year 5 with the company?

And then I thought- all joking aside. I CAN be making that income level by year 5, but I do have to work hard like Janie did in the beginning. She didn't just start making $100,000 her first month. It took a lot of dedication and work.

But with my "cyber-family" standing behind me encouraging me every step of the way how can I not be another success story?
It's all good, my friends, It's all good!

Carolee Sperry
Regional Sales Director