Testimonies say it all!

When you work at home as an Independent Business Owner, you have to make sure you have proof that your product or service works. Advertising will get you a long way, but hearing real stories from satisfied customers really speaks to potential members. Here is a great testimony that came to us from a gentleman whose wife' s leg had to amputated.

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to share with all of you a powerful personal testimonial!

June 11, 2008 was the day that my wife Sharon Clarke had to undergo emergency surgery at Southwest Medical Center Hospital in Vancouver, Washington.

Sharon was very ill due to massive infection in her left leg. Her Doctor advised her to come to the hospital immediately where she had to have her left leg removed below her knee to literally save life.

Sharon is not only my wife of 40 years but my all-time HERO!
She is up and walking on her new leg and continues to keep a very positive attitude each and every day.

Sharon and I are grateful to AmeriPlan and the AmeriPlan Total Health Plus program we sign up for the day it was available in Washington State.

Our total bill was over $35 thousand dollars. But thanks to AmeriPlan and the Karis Group our total bill ended up being zero! Hard to believe, not really, AmeriPlan works and it works for all of us who take the time to sign up as AmeriPlan Medical Members.

We also save several hundred dollars on our prescription drugs each and every month.

Please feel free to share our story with your new or current members .

Blessings to Each and Everyone,

J & S Clarke
Vancouver, WA

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