WOW! We had a GREAT event!

Another broker and I set up a table at an event this weekend to spread the word about our dental and health plans and work from home opportunity. Many people seemed impressed that we get paid residually, which means we get paid every month on work we already did. That's how people can achieve $100,000+/yr in annual residual income. Granted, it's a build. Some people expect that much their first week, and are disappointed when they aren't rich yet. People also like that you can work your biz your way. I like doing events. Some people like to play on the computer all day, participating in discussion boards and such and meeting future prospects that way. Whatever they choose, consistency and patience are the key that opens the doors to the riches that await them.

We had a lot of fun. Larry, my broker brought helium and balloons, and candy for the kids. My daughter and her friend came, and boy were they good workers! We held a raffle for a vacation and $25.00 in free gas. The person that won the vacation had a choice of several destinations: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Reno and Cancun to name a few. My daughter and her friend went all over that place, getting vendors and customers alike to enter our drawing. We had over 100 entries! There was an area on the tickets to checkmark if they are interested in information on benefits or work at home . We had many people interested in both.

The woman who won was soooo thrilled- she said she had never won a thing before! We actually had a $300 gas voucher- redeeemable at $25.00/ a month. We didn't state that for the raffle because people don't seem to believe you- they think it's a scam. They are more than happy to take $25.00 in free gas- but $300.00- NO!

There is another event coming up that we decided to participate in. It is a much larger event, and we are planning on having even more prizes.

I met a couple of ladies at the event Saturday- one sells Lia Sophia jewelry and one sells Tastefully Simple gourmet foods. I was telling them my idea for a home business expo. Maybe have it in January, and have all the home business companies represented. People who want to start the new year out with a new opportunity can come and see all the opportunities available to them. Vendors can also have their wares for sale. They really liked that idea, so I'm going to check into that. I would also like to start a Woman in Home Business networking group. We'll have to see.

Tonight, I was co-hosting our training call for a class we have called FastTrack2RSD. RSD is the first level of management with AmeriPlan. When a person promotes to RSD, their $2,500 accidental death and dismemberment insurance is doubled, and they receive a vested contract making this THEIR business, and is both willable and sellable. This business can be left to loved ones when we are gone. God forbid if anything should happen, those who have achieved RSD or above can rest assured knowing they are leaving a legacy to their family.

The FastTrack2RSD class helps new brokers achieve that goal as quickly as possible. I talked about flyers, events and how to talk to prospects when they call to inquire about the benefits. I really enjoy doing these calls- it is so cool to help others succeed. I've never had a J-O-B where I could be successful and help others be successful at the same time.

And like the title of this blog states, I can do a good share of it in my jammies!