Working at home?

Being your own boss and working at home do come with their luxuries. Because I am my own boss, I can choose when (and if) to work my business. And lately, I ain't working all that much at home! Everyday this week, something is going on. But I always work on my business, no matter where I am!

Monday started out as usual. Check emails, place ads, feed the goats, chickens & dog. Come in for a cup of coffee. Now, ordinarily either Ron (who works nights) or I will cook up some breakfast. Not Monday!

After feeding the animals, I went in search of dog poop. Yes, I was participating in every dog owners favorite activity-looking for a fresh steaming poop - one that wasn't frozen to the ground. For Rocky the dog had a vets appointment. He was all excited until we got there and our usual vet, Dr. King was M.I.A and some older vet was there. Rocky was not happy. Then the guy had the nerve to tell Rocky that if he gains more than 5 lbs, he would be considered obese! Poor Rocky!

Since I was out and about in a town about 20 mi from here, I put out some flyers. While out, I found a new laundermat to post flyers in -yeah! Don't know if it was always there before and I missed it or what. Flyers are how I have gotten about 85% of my dental and medical members.

Yesterday I did all my usual morning activites. Ron made breakfast and we didn't end up eating until about 10 a.m. I was meeting my mom (who is here from Pennsylvania) at noon for lunch. Don't worry, I still ate a good portion of my steak - LOVE steak for lunch :) Brought home various scraps for the chicken and ducks- salad, braed, rice. Yum, yum, what a treat!

Then last night my girl scouts and I met with another troop to discuss encampment. Encampment is where our whole service unit gets together and camps for a night or two. My girls are part of the encampment team. We will be running three booths for the younger girls to do activities. The theme is the arts, which makes it easy. Anything to do with art, dance, song,writing, etc... We are making journal/scrapbooks, dreamcatchers, and something else- still deciding what.

This morning, two of my kids have a doctors appt, and then tonight I have a Girl Scout leaders meeting. A lot going on now- we are in the middle of cookie sales. We have to pick which places and what dates we want to do a "cookie booth." That's the girls favorite part of cookie sales. We got an email from the G.S. council- they are going to have "secret shoppers' out. Give me a break- these are kids!

Tomorrow, hopefully I'll get back on schedule- at least until 3 p.m. when I have to pack it up and go to our regular G.S. meeting. The girls are making marracca's. We are doing a Festival of Nation's later this month, and my troop has Brazil. Of course, this depends on IF we have a meeting. It has been cancelled due to weather several times. last week, my assistant had a sick kid or something and couldn't make it. Of course, no other adults (that were registered) could, either so we cancelled again!

So, I must get going, run my ads, get ready and get off to the docs. I guess Ron & my oldest son (temporary visitor) can feed the animals today!

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