I play with paper dolls while working at home!

I love working at home! It's not just about marketing, prospecting and training. At least not in the traditional sense. This week, I played with paper dolls! And now, I would like to formally introduce Saretta Sue! She's sweet & sassy, but not very classy!

In the pic she is standing in front of the hot new car she bought with the proceeds from her home biz "Widget's for Women".

Ok, so what does paper dolls have to do with health benefits and /or working at home? Actually one of the groups I belong to had the doll pattern you could print. The first 5 dolls get a customized banner ad. My doll was the second submitted. So, I won a customized banner. I told them I want the banner for my website: Come On Home . So, look for my new banner soon!

My 11 yr. old daughter and I made one and had a ball! In the contest "rules" they stated you can name your doll. I used the name Saretta because I have liked that name ever since I first heard it. My cousins mother-in laws name was Saretta, although I think it was spelled differently. Like I said, I really liked that name when I heard it. The Sue just seemed right. And where the home biz for womens widgets came from... it just sort of came out.

Her dress was made from a house coat that was my grandmothers. Gram passed away last spring. Everytime I go visit Grams old house (where my mom & uncle currently reside), my mom always wants me to look through Grams jewelry and clothes. Gram loved her jewelry and she really had some nice clothes. I loved the pattern on this particular piece of clothing. It was pretty old and had quite a few rips. I figured I would make pillows for the window seat in my office. The pattern is so Gram and I figured it would be a nice reminder of her. Well, when looking for something for Saretta to wear for her debute, I ran into that. It was perfect! Saretta is based on a mix of many people, one of whom is Gram. So I made her a dress with a little of the material. Of course Gram had class, where Saretta is a bit flambouyant at times.

Saretta is also a little of me - at least personality wise. Or rather the me I wish I could be. I am much too nice. If people do dumb irritating things, I sit there thinking a few things I would like to say to them , but wouldn't. Don't want to hurt their feelings!

Anyway, we had so much fun making the dolls, we did it again! Saretta started a blog called
Saretta's Home Business Survival Guide . You can see a full blown pic of her hot new car. See what she is up to in her crazy life, and maybe get some business sense!

At the last posting, Saretta was leaving town for a warmer climate. Can't wait to see where she went and what adventures she had!
Hope to see you there!

Carolee Sperry
Regional Sales Director
yahoo instant messenger ID: carolee_sperry

We like to see you smile!


Marjorie & Maureen said...

I wanted so much to be a part of the Diva Doll contest but just didn't have the time or motivation. Yours looks great and it seemed like you had fun dressing up your doll. Great job.