Awww, c'mon, not AGAIN!

Ok, I know today is Thursday and this should have been called Thankful Thursday. Perhaps I should have written this last night and called it , "Whiney Wednesday." Because I do need to whine- again. The same old story....time. When someone works at home full time you would assume that they are getting at least 5-6 hours of work in. I usually do, but occasionally something will throw me for a loop and I feel like nothing gets done!

Yesterday Ron comes home and tells me they changed his hours-again! Just when I get my routine down, something changes. I got pretty used to having all day to make my calls, run my ads, put out flyers, whatever. Now Ron will be here and I will feel like I should spend some time with him as he won't get home until late at night.

The plus side is, I don't have to obligate myself to making dinner (I know, bad momma!)

Honestly, my 29 yr. old son who is temporarily staying here can cook. The 17 yr. old is usually off with the girlfriend, or they are here but she won't want to eat so he eats after she leaves. The 11 yr old is an absolute expert at making ramon noodle soup (I know, gross) and mac-n-cheese.

I have to watch how much of that junk I buy, or everytime I declare a Make your own supper night, she will make one of the above.

I , on the otherhand have my fave, a rice concoction that I actually crave at times. Here's how I make it:

Use however much you want of each ingredient you want . I pile on the garlic- I'm addicted to it!

In one pan, make some rice- I like Jasmine rice

When the rice is almost done, cut up several cloves of garlic and a red hot pepper (or whatever pepper you like).

Place these in a frying pan with a little oil and cook slightly. (mmm....smell that garlic!)

Now, add left over chicken, beef or pork, cut up. If I don't have any leftovers, I will take a sandwich steak or two and break them up in there.

Cook until warm (or done).

Add rice, and fry for a few minutes, constantly turning the mixture over in the pan.

Now, the second most important part(2nd only to the garlic!) Add salt, pepper, and THYME (I'm am also addicted to Thyme) Mix up.

Eat- yum, yum.

Ok, so a little off subject. Along with Ron being here, we will see an increase in Little Man activity. You notice he hasn't been around much. I did watch him on Tuesday while Dad went turkey hunting. I think Little Man's dad, David (my step-son) feels a little uncomfortable being here with out Ron here. Even though Ron & I have been together 11 yrs this month, David and I have had our times when he was younger. Things are much better today, but....

Anyway, Little Man is a terrible time stealer (notice I didn't say time waster). He is just so absolutely cute and funny! How can I take off to my office and concentrate on work when Little Man is banging on the door, begging for my attention?

How can I resist when he's throwing a fit because all he wants to do is go outside & Daddy and Grandpa are absorbed in Judge Hatchet?

How can I say no to the little darling when I make a brief appearance and Little Man runs up to me with his "bankie" a.k.a. blanket? I have to pick him up and rock him.

Ok, this has turned from a post-Whiney Wednesday post to a Thankful Thursday post. Why?

1. I'm thankful Ron has a job, no matter what the hours are.

2. I'm thankful Ron let's me do my thing- of course I'm doing it for us!

3. I'm thankful I can be here when the kids get home

4. I'm thankful I taught those same kids how to cook!

5. I'm thankful for the Little Guy, I mean Man. Yes, he's so cute and charming...he does have Grandma hooked.

6. And of course... I'm thankful for the good health of everyone here

And I have to remember, I wanted to work at home so that I WOULD have the flexibility to do what I want, when I want. So, why would I whine?




Ann said...

Great job of turning things around!

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged.

Tara said...

I am trying the rice dish. It sounds delicious. And I know about time stealers. I got very little accomplished yesterday work-wise. That's why I am up at 4am!