Happy Mother's Day! Some of the great women in my life!

It's Mother's Day ! Congrats to all the moms out there in cyber-space!

I wanted to pay tribute to 3 great mom's in my life. I am going to put them from oldest to youngest- when you read their stories, you'll understand why.

The first is my grandmother, Grandma June (My mother's mom). Grandma really was a woman of strength and servitude. She married my Grandfather and moved into the family home- at the time a working farm. She was to be a mother to 3- my mom (the oldest) and my 2 uncles, both born with hemophilia. In those days, there were no medicines to help ease the pain & internal bleeding that hemophilia brings. My grandmother had to find creative ways to help her boys. They were home schooled for the most part. It was difficult to attend school regularly when you constantly had elbow, knee, hip or ankle bleeds. Schools weren't set up for children with disabilities. Even if they were, bleeds can be very painful.

For many years grandma also ran the family store- a modern day convenience store if you will. The children went to the store with her. For a time, so did my uncle's goat! Everyday, Gram loaded the goat into the car along with the kids. In her later years, she was an antique dealer. She ran a "flea market" all summer long from her garage.

Gram was always a "favorite"- a favorite Grandmother and Aunt. Everyone loved June. In fact, there are at least 5 females in our family that I can think of (maybe more) that share the middle name of June.

Although gram had a very rough life, she always opened her home to others. Christmas was her favorite time of the year. Family & friend's alike would stop by for a cup of coffee and one of Junes famous English Toffee cookies. Many would stay on for dinner- always a festive event. While there, they would admire her trees. Yes, trees! She had the big tree in the Livingroom, and only God knows where else you might see one. A small tree in the dining room, one made from tree branches in the bathroom. The question was always, "I wonder how many tree's gram will have this year?" Christmas was like a month long party around Grandma Junes.

Gram lived through many trying events in her life- a miscarriage, my Grandfather's luekemia (which left her a widow in 1978), her youngest son passing away due to complications associated with hemophilia. And her own failing health, which finally took her life last March at the age of 90. She was a true model of patience, courage, and love. She is greatly missed.

The second is my mom. When my mom met my Dad, she was a single mom of 1 (my sister). Dad eagerly accepted the role of dad. They were married and 2 yrs later, along came me ! My mom played many roles in life. She too had a son with hemophila. Things were marginally better for hemophiliacs and their families by then. There was some hope in the name of blood transfusions. That meant a trip to the hospital (about 25 minutes from home) where you waited HOURS to be seen and treated. There were many times when my mom had to pack up all of us kids to go to the hospital so my brother could get treatment.

Mom also worked for the town doctor. I remember as a child stopping by the office after school and helping out by filing, making copies, and such. I loved going to the office & helping out. I actually took over my moms job after I graduated from high school.

For several years, my mom also ran a second -hand/antique shop in town. I also spent a lot of time there working and learning about the world of business and customer service.

Mom & Dad also provided us with a summer camp. We started out with a small trailor and bought larger & larger over the years. We always camped at the same campground, and so did many other families. So every spring was an exciting time- seeing old friends again. Camp is where I got my first kiss, actually where I got married the first time (at 12 years old-that's another story!)! I cannot thank my mother enough for packing up every Friday, dragging my friends & I to camp, packing it all back up every Sunday, and unpacking at home (not that us kids didn't help, people. Really....) Oh yeah and putting up with our fighting in the car on the way to camp!

For several years, my cousin & I bowled with our moms on a bowling league. We were about 19-20 yrs. old. We had a lot of good times bowling! I gave us some common ground with our moms.

My mom helped me out so much in my younger years. My first son was born just short of my 18th brithday and like most young couples, the Dad and I didn't work out. He disappeared from our lives by his own choice. My mom was there to lend me a few bucks when I needed it, give me a ride to work as I had no vehicle, and occasionally take my son to camp for the weekend so I could catch a break. Many young mother's don't have anyone standing by them. My mom was there- thanks mom!

My mom is a galavanter. She is always on the go! I don't know how she keeps her schedule straight- lunch with friends, dinner with old classmates, church functions, hospital volunteer work, garage saleing- the list goes on and on...I get tired thinking about it!

There is soooo much more to say about Mom, but I still have to write about my dear sister, Kathy.

Named Katz by the kids... Well, we fought like sisters.

I'm sure I told y'all about her throwing all my clothes on top of me when I was sleeping -thought I was gonna suffocate. In her defense, I believe she warned me if I didn't pick them up, that would happen. (At least she says she warned me!). Or about the time she put my hand in warm water when I was sleeping. If you don't know what happen's, go try it on someone. See what happens ( giggle-giggle!)

But despite that, we had some good times. We actually rented a house together for a while. It was on a lake. A few years later, Katz bought the house next door! Alot of good times there- many family reunions!

One night, when Katz was tending bar part-time, we decided to bring the party home after closing. Several people followed us home. Since it was winter we dragged out the ice skates and everyone was skating on the lake at like 3 a.m. We had races and everything. Ahhh, to be young again!

My sis had her son at a young age and has literally brought herself from a minimum wage worker to a very good position at a well known company. She jets around the country giving presentations.

But she didn't get where she is without her struggles. Her son's Dad was killed in a motorcycle accident when my nephew was only 6 yrs old. Although they were not "together" at the time I know she still loved him and it was very hard on her.

She set to work building a career, one step at a time. She raised her son, and was free to advance her career even more. This eventually led to a job out of state. There she met her husband.

Soon after the marriage, she became "mom" again- to a (step) granddaughter. So now, my sis gets to do it all over again. I have to praise her. It's not easy. There are some medical issues involved, and at a time when most moms are gaining a measure of freedom, she has lost hers. But she's doing it, with the help of the husband :-)

Anyway, my dear friend's, that's a bit about the people in my life who were great moms. Just wanted to honor them.

Gram, I love you and miss you.

Mom and Katz, I'm sure you'll say, " What about this, what about that? " There just wasn't room for everything! Next year, we'll do it again.

Side note: My 17 yr. old SON gave me a dozen roses and a very sweet card. One line says something about the long talks at the kitchen table and I just started to cry. Because those are the times I cherish most.

When he was about 14, he started working on a farm. He would come home with his arms all scratched up from haying, banged up from nudging cows to the feeding stalls(or whatever they are called!) and just tired from getting up at like 4 a.m. and riding his bike down there. Those were some long days- 15 hrs. sometimes. I know they had breaks between wagonloads of hay & feedings where they wrestled in the hayloft, rode their bikes to the store and such. But he was proud, you could tell. And he would talk farm talk, which really, isn't all that exciting to me, but I soaked in every word. Because my son was talking to me!

I guess he appreciated those talks, too!

Anyway, Happy Mothers Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

You have brought tears to my eyes and more love in my heart than you can imagine, especially since I don't recall being a very good 'big' sister! I won't say 'what about this or what about that' but I will say you forgot the most important piece of life for all of us.... FAMILY! None of us would be who we are today..including you - without family. Katz 5/10/09

bernthis said...

I hope one day to have those long talks with my daughter. Your grandma and mom sound like women of great strength. As a single mom myself I know how hard it is but hearing stories like these makes me know that I can do it.

Military Momz said...

Sounds like we have a lot in common with our granny, mom and sister! I love mine so much and your love for them is obvious in your post!

I hope my grandchildren (COMING SOON, WOO HOO) love me like I love my Grannies (both passed on now) and that my children love me like I love my mom!

I am going to be a first time Granny, WOO HOO. I am so excited!!Giveaway on my blog at www.militarymomz.blogspot.com. Post a comment on the boy name and girl name you like best out of the ones listed.

cheneetot said...

hi, thanks for the comment ..
can i add you to my blog list?
i like your blog

VKT said...

This is such a precious post. What a special family God gave you. This made me cry. Blessings to you and the wonderful women in your family.